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The UCL Alumni Hong Kong Club was formed back in the 1970s and has since been at the forefront of supporting and promoting UCL within Hong Kong. The Club organises 2-3 events per year, catering for a wide age range and appealing to all audiences. The president is Andrew Ng (UCL Laws 1985).

There is also a Facebook group for alumni based in Hong Kong.

Forthcoming Events

We'll soon update you on forthcoming events. 

Recent Events

Andante reception 15.11.2015

Following the successful UCL Rule of Law conference in Hong Kong, alumni and guests gathered for a reception sponsored by Tony Luk (Bartlett 1987), Vincent Kwok and Jess Yeung (Economics 2010).


UCL Hong Kong Annual party 27.10.2015

The 2015 Hong Kong annual party was held at the stunning Hullet House and we had a record number of attendees. Prof Peter Rees from the Planning department at the Bartlett used his comedy skills to explain to guests why Hong Kong and London were such fantastic and future proof cities.

For a selection of photos of the evening, please visit the Alumni Flickr album.

UCL Connect - Hong Kong 26.10.2015

Our UCL Connect professional development series launched in Hong Kong.UCL Connect is our successful professional development series, for alumni, combining award-winning professional networking events, free online mentoring, CPD courses and lots more. 

The panel was hosted by Prof Michael Arthur, President and Provost of UCL, and panellists were Christabel Lee (Managing Director at Toppan Vite Ltd), James Law (CEO and Founder at James Law Cybertecture), and Pia Wong (Executive Director at Bring Me a Book). Feedback was wonderful and we're looking forward to another UCL Connect Hong Kong event in the spring of 2016. Check out photos here.  

Student, Alumni & friends Reception @ Stephenson Harwood 3.2.15

UCL Dean of Laws, Professor Dame Hazel Genn DBE QC, gave a talk at a reception hosted by Voon Keat Lai (UCL Laws) of Stephenson Harwood. Dame Hazel's lecture was followed by a highly enjoyable drinks reception attended by offer holders, UCL applicants, school counsellors, parents and alumni.

Photos of the reception can be viewed here

Dinner for UCL Alumni & Friends with Dame Hazel Genn 6.2.15 @ The Sports Club

Alumni and friends joined a dinner with Professor Dame Hazel Genn and hosted by alumnus and UCL Fellow, Vincent Cheung (UCL Laws 1965). Alumni, parents and friends very much enjoyed the occasion to meet up and receive an update on developments at UCL.


Annual Cocktail Party 21.11.14 @ Andante

50 alumni and guests gathered for the 2014 Annual Party at Tony Luk’s uber-chic Andante Gallery.This year works of art by UCL artists: Professor John Aiken (former Director of the UCL Slade School of Fine Art); Dr Theresia Pang  (UCL Slade School 2013) and Samson Lau (UCL Bartlett 2014) were showcased and alumni bonded over peach champagne and canapes.

Many thanks again to Tony Luk (UCL Bartlett 1987) for hosting and Alex Choa (UCL History of Art 2012) for curating this event. 

Photographs from the event can be viewed on the Andante website.

UCL Alumni & Friends Dinner - 28.10.14

The dinner at the Jockey Club was a wonderful opportunity for UCL President and Provost, Professor Michael Arthur and Vice-Provost (International), Dame Nicola Brewer to meet a wide range of alumni from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou. During the dinner, Lady Gwen Kao presented the 2014 Professor Sir Charles Kao Prize to Terry Tsang (UCL Medical Physics 2013).

In addition, Professor Arthur announced that the Vinson & Cissy Chu Foundation have pledged a further HK$1 million for Peking University students to study at UCL.

Many thanks for the generosity of our sponsors, Vincent TK Cheung (UC Laws 1965), Cecilia Tsui (UCL CALT 2009), Tony Luk (UCL Bartlett 1987) of Andante; Kotur Ltd; Art Basel; Fabio Rossi of Rossi Rossi; Country Fresh; Sundae moo; and Proctor & Gamble.

Photographs from the evening can be viewed on the Hong Kong Club Facebook page.

Reception for Dame Hazel Genn  @ Stephenson Harwood  - 13.8.14

Dame Hazel delivered a short presentation about UCL and its Laws Faculty to offer holders, university advisers and school principals, followed by a drinks reception for alumni, offer holders, students, new graduates and their parents.

Graduates who were unable to attend the graduation ceremonies in London were able to have their photographs taken in the gowns and mortar boards which were made available.

Thanks to Stephenson Harwood and Managing Partner, Voon Keat Lai (UCL Laws 1990) for their support and sponsoring this event.

UCL- LSE- Birmingham University Happy Hour @  Privé - 29.7.14

UCL Hong Kong Club co-hosted a joint happy hour with Birmingham University and LSE's alumni associations at Privé in Central.

Hong Kong Provost Welcome Dinner 19 February 2014

The UCL Hong Kong Club welcomed new UCL President and Provost, Professor Michael Arthur with a champagne reception and formal dinner at the Sports Club in Central, Hong Kong.

Special thanks to Vincent Cheung (UCL Laws 1965) for hosting the dinner at The Sports Club and his generosity in sponsoring the champagne and wine for this event. It was a fantastic evening.

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the business card prize draw: Professor John Aiken, former Director of the UCL Slade School of Fine Art, who won the silver plated UCL branded business card holder and Dr Cecilia Tsui (UCL CALT 2009), who won the 1997 magnum, generously donated by Vincent Cheung. Many thanks to Dr Tsui for gifting the magnum to the Hong Kong Club to raise funds at auction for the Hong Kong Scholarship.

Photos from the evening can be viewed online.

Hong Kong Provost Welcome

Meet the Mentees @ WTC Club 21 December 2013    

Alumni and students in Hong Kong gathered for a reception at WTC Club where alumni signed up to mentor local students.

Photos from the evening can be view on this page.

Welcome Back Reception 26 November 2013

UCL alumni in Hong Kong gathered for the 2013 Welcome Back event, one of the highlights and most popular events of the year, at Tony Luk’s uber cool Andante Gallery on 26 November 2013. This year guests were joined by David Cobb and Professor Peter Bishop from Bartlett who were visiting Hong Kong.   

Many thanks to Tony for sponsoring the venue and his famous peach champagne.

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Dame Professor Hazel Genn Lecture  4 November 2013

UCL Dean of Laws, Dame Professor Hazel Genn delivered a lecture on Access to Justice at HKU on 4 November 2013.

"Be the Connoiseur" Alumni Event, 13 September 2013

On the evening of the 13 September, Alumni from UCL, LSE, LBS and MBS gathered in Wanchai for an evening of fine wines, coffees, jewellery and watches. Mr William Cheng, the Secretary of the Hong Kong International Antique Watch Association, spoke on "The Story of Tourbillon" and there was a "Grand Prize Draw" of diamond jewellery amongst other things. The event was thoroughly successful and a good time was had by all.

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Meet and Greet Mentors Reception, 10 August 2013

On the afternoon of the 10 August UCL Hong Kong Club and UCL Chinese Society held a reception to update students and mentors on the progress of their mentoring partnership scheme with the Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executives Association (HKPASEA). Held in the Mandarin Suite of the World Trade Centre Club this annual reception is an opportunity for students and mentors to catch up and swap stories and ideas from their experience on the scheme. 

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Reception and Dinner with Director of UCL School of Pharmacy - 3 July 2013

Almost 40 alumni from the UCL School of Pharmacy and the wider alumni community in Hong Kong attended a dinner hosted by Professor Duncan Craig, Director of UCL SOP at the HK Medical Association’s clubhouse on Wednesday 3 July 2013. It was a wonderful occasion and good time was had by all.

UCL Laws Reception - 26 April 2013

A reception for UCL Laws Alumni, current students, offer holders and their parents was held in Hong Kong on 26 April. The reception was generously hosted by Paul Hastings LLP, Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong, with UCL alumni Sammi Li and William Cheung taking the lead on arrangements at Paul Hastings. The evening provided an opportunity for the assembled guests to meet UCL Dean of Laws, Dame Hazel Genn as well as proving a wonderful social event and networking opportunity.

Full Report

UCL Provost Lecture, Hong Kong - 17 April 2013

'Globalisation of Higher Education: What does it mean to be a truly international university?'

On Wednesday 17 April 2013 UCL's President and Provost, Professor Malcolm Grant delivered a lecture on 'Globalisation of Higher Education: What does it mean to be truly international university?' at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center.

It was a fantastic event which attracted over 100 alumni, students, parents and friends who heard Professor Grant’s insight into what it is to be a truly global university, followed by some insightful questions and drinks reception.

Prior to the lecture Lori Manders, UCL Director of Development and Alumni Relations welcomed those present and thanked the UCL Alumni Hong Kong Club for their continued support of UCL. 

Andrew Ng (UCL Laws 1985), Chair of the UCL Alumni Hong Kong Club introduced Provost, thanking him for his support of the alumni and student community from Hong Kong, and expressed the Club’s sadness at his departure.

UCL student Amrita Ahuja commented that Professor Grant ‘highlighted a common bond of all those attending: in one way or another, we had all benefited from the “globalisation” of UCL and the opportunities given to students from all around the world’ [read more] There are plenty of photos available from the event on flickr.

Joint Thanksgiving Happy Hour with Columbia, Stanford, Princeton, University of Chicago & UCL - 21 November 2012

On Wednesday 21 November alumni from UCL joined alumni from 4 major US universities to celebrate Thanksgiving with Happy Hour drinks at Konzepp and KouCH. A good time was had by all.

UCL Hong Kong Club Gala Dinner - 9th November 2012

On 9th November 2012 the UCL Hong Kong Club hosted a Gala Dinner at the Grand Hyatt Hotel to celebrate UCL's success in being ranked its 4th place in the 2012 QS World University Rankings and the strength of the UCL alumni community in Hong Kong.

The main objective of the event was to honour the President and Provost of UCL, the architect of its success over the past 10 years, Professor Malcolm Grant with a dinner to launch the Professor Malcolm Grant Scholarship.

Alumnus, Vincent Cheung (Grand Maitre of Asia de Commanderie de Bordeaux) generously donated his wines for the dinner and alumnus Sandy Rie's all-girl band Rock Hear (樂而雅) performed during the evening.

Lady Gwen Kao (wife of Professor Sir Charles Kao) was the guest of honour and Lori Manders, Director of the UCL Development and Alumni Relations Office was also in attendance. 

More photographs from the event can be viewed online.

Pharmacy Dinner - 27 October 2012

Lumbo Lam (UCL School of Pharmacy 1991) hosted the first Pharmacy dinner on October 27 at the Mega Red Chiu Chow Restaurant in Wan Chai, central Hong Kong. The alumni who could tear themselves away from work to enjoy a meal with former colleagues and friends from the School of Pharmacy had a great time.

pharmacy dinner group photo

Welcome Back - 22nd October 2012

Sixty alumni and guests attended a peach champagne reception at Tony Luk's (UCL Bartlett 1984) Louvre Gallery.

The recent 2012 graduates had the opportunity to exchange new ideas and inspiration with the UCL graduates of previous years. The champagne reception was followed by a speech from Professor Michael Worton, Vice-Provost (International) updated alumni on the latest developments at UCL and plans for the future and Mr. Andrew Ng, the Chairman of the UCL Hong Kong Club. 

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  • 2013 Hong Kong Alumni Welcome Back Event
  • 2013 Hong Kong Alumni Welcome Back Event
  • 2013 Hong Kong Alumni Welcome Back Event

Images from the event can be viewed on the Louvre Galley website.

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