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Breaking Boundaries: Video Series

To inspire the next generation of women innovators and changemakers, our Breaking Boundaries video series shines a light on trailblazing alumnae across the world who are challenging gender bias and making their mark on traditionally male-dominated industries.

From working with space telescopes to designing cities to triumphing in the sporting arena, UCL alumnae are breaking boundaries and challenging the status quo. We're showcasing the experiences, achievements and insights of some of the extraordinary women who have graduated from UCL, to inspire those wanting to work in male-dominated fields to pursue their passions.

Succeeding as a woman in science | Dr Sarah Kendrew  

“I’ve really learnt that you need a support structure around you; you need people who are going to celebrate your successes with you and who are going to lift you up and support you when you have a bad day." 

Dr Sarah Kendrew (Astronomy 2001; PhD Physics & Astronomy 2006) is an astronomer and instrument scientist working for the European Space Agency in the USA as a member of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) operations team.

The JWST, which arrived at its final destination on 24 January 2022, will help us gain a better understanding of the universe's biggest secrets. The largest space telescope in history, Sarah worked on one of its instruments for over 10 years and in 4 different countries.

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Succeeding as a woman in sport | Abigail Irozuru

"Continue to try to fight to break that glass ceiling, whether in terms of lack of equality of pay, lack of equality of opportunity, or whether it's just fighting to be heard, to get a seat at the table. For me, challenge is challenging that you're too old to perform at a certain level...and challenging negative mindsets and stereotypes, and being very intentional about calling that out when I see it."

One of Britain’s top female long jumpers, Abigail Irozuru (UCL Laws 2012) represented Great Britain at the 2012 European Championships and became the British Champion in 2015. After a series of injuries that ruled her out of the 2016 Rio Olympics, Abigail decided to retire from the sport. Proving the true power of resilience, Abigail rejoined the world of athletics in 2019, marking her comeback with victory in the British Championships, and her performances at the same event in 2021 secured her a spot in the Olympic squad.

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Succeeding as a woman in architecture | Mayuri Sisodia

"You can choose to do whatever you like, and you have a space where you can do it. You should go ahead and do it and not be afraid of anything."

Leading architect and urban designer, UCL alumna Mayuri Sisodia (The Bartlett School of Architecture 2012) is the co-founder of design practice MAD(E) IN MUMBAI. The recipient of several national and international design awards, Mayuri’s mission is to transform every day mundane experiences in our cities into something meaningful and fulfilling through the medium of design.

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