UCL Alumni


Alumni career advice for the Class of 2021

To welcome you to our worldwide alumni network, two UCL graduates from 2020 spoke to experienced alumni working in popular sectors to gain their career insights and professional development advice for you as you start out on your career journey.


Dr Marcus Ranney (UCL Medicine 2008)

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Kinzah Khan (UCL Philosophy, Politics and Economics 2020) speaks to Dr Marcus Ranney about his varied global career in health and wellbeing.

Petra Barran (UCL Urban Studies 2015)

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Masamba Senghore (UCL Economics 2020) talks to street food pioneer Petra Barran (MSc Urban Studies 2015) about her career journey and gives her top tips for new graduates.

Chantal Rickards (UCL French 1980)

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Masamba Senghore (UCL Economics 2020) interviews Chantal Rickards, former CEO of BAFTA LA, who gives her tips for a career in the arts and media and shares what she wishes she'd known as a graduate.

Lincoln Lee (UCL Biosciences 2019)

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Kinzah Khan (UCL Philosophy, Politics and Economics 2020) speaks to Lincoln Lee about co-founding Rice Inc, a social enterprise tackling food insecurity by empowering smallholder farmers.