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Ralph Cantellow 
(UCL Statistical Sciences 1980)

"UCL gave me a fantastic start in life, and many of my interests stem from my university days. I support UCL because it is a cause that is close to my heart. You can't open a newspaper without reading about the tight financial contraints that universities and today's students work under - I want to make sure that other people get to enjoy UCL's life-changing opportunities, just as I did."

How can I make a gift to UCL ?

By making a gift, alumni, staff and friends can make their mark on the UCL community and invest in its future. Through giving to UCL donors can change lives, challenge thinking and encourage innovation. Alumni generosity can take us closer to making medical breakthroughs, slowing the progress of climate change and providing financial support for those students who really need it.

To make a donation to UCL please log on to the Alumni Web Community via the link above. If you do not have an Alumni Web Community account and would like to give now, please click here


AWC Help

UCL Alumni Web Community

You are currently on the home page. Please select the 'Log In' or 'Register' option to proceed.

If you are a current UCL Student, then you can log in straight away, using your UCL account- no need to Register first. You can only access the 'find & contact a mentor' area.

If you are a UCL Alum, then you will need to Register for the UCL Alumni Web Community first, before you can Log In. You can access the entire site.

All you need to have to hand in order to Register, is your UCL Alumni Number, which should be printed on anything sent out by the Alumni Relations team, including your People magazine front sheet. You will also need to know your own name & date of birth.

Once you have entered your name, DOB & Alumni Number, you will need to enter a valid email addres to use as a user name & set a password and security question. Further instructions will be provided on the relevant pages.

If you get stuck, please contact us on & we will guide you through the process.

Note that in older versions of this system, we used a separate AWC key number, but have recently scrapped this as it was confusing people, so please make sure it is your UCL Alumni Number that you are trying to register with, not some other number.

Also in older versions, this system was tied into the uclmail 'email for life' system & a free UCLmail account was set up for you as you registered. Free uclmail acounts are now optional & can be set up after you register, by clicking on the 'Account' option.