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Simon Levey 
(UCL Biology 2004)

“As a mentor, listening and talking through particular career challenges keeps me on my toes, and helps me maintain the enthusiasm for my job. When I first graduated from UCL, good advice from friends on my career path really helped me to get started. Now I'm in  position to help other people in the same way, which is really gratifying.”

How can I get work-related advice ?

Students can search for and contact an alumni mentor for informal careers guidance by logging into the UCL Alumni Web Community using your standard UCL user ID and password.  

Recent graduates can also use their standard UCL user ID and password, if it is still active. You will receive your alumni membership card a few weeks after you graduate.  Once you are a member of our alumni network, you need to register on the site using Your Alumni Number, which is printed on the card.

Alumni can register for the site using using Your Alumni Number.  If you have not yet received your code, please email

You can then search for a careers mentor by:-

  • field of work
  • occupation
  • UCL department
  • city or country
  • UCL course
  • UCL graduation year

Then simply get in touch with the mentor via the site.

How can I become a mentor ?

Alumni can volunteer to become a careers mentor for students, recent graduates and other alumni by registering for the Alumni Web Community.  To register, please email

Once you are registered simply log on and follow the blue careers mentoring route.  You will be able to submit a description of your work experience and what mentoring assistance you wish to offer.


AWC Help

UCL Alumni Web Community

You are currently on the home page. Please select the 'Log In' or 'Register' option to proceed.

If you are a current UCL Student, then you can log in straight away, using your UCL account- no need to Register first. You can only access the 'find & contact a mentor' area.

If you are a UCL Alum, then you will need to Register for the UCL Alumni Web Community first, before you can Log In. You can access the entire site.

All you need to have to hand in order to Register, is your UCL Alumni Number, which should be printed on anything sent out by the Alumni Relations team, including your People magazine front sheet. You will also need to know your own name & date of birth.

Once you have entered your name, DOB & Alumni Number, you will need to enter a valid email addres to use as a user name & set a password and security question. Further instructions will be provided on the relevant pages.

If you get stuck, please contact us on & we will guide you through the process.

Note that in older versions of this system, we used a separate AWC key number, but have recently scrapped this as it was confusing people, so please make sure it is your UCL Alumni Number that you are trying to register with, not some other number.

Also in older versions, this system was tied into the uclmail 'email for life' system & a free UCLmail account was set up for you as you registered. Free uclmail acounts are now optional & can be set up after you register, by clicking on the 'Account' option.