37th Cement & Concrete Science Conference


Call for participants to the 37th Cement & Concrete Science Conference


You are cordially invited to join us in "37th Cement & Concrete Science Conference", to be hosted by the Advanced & Innovative Materials (AIM) Group at University College London (UCL) during the period 11th - 12th September, 2017. The conference will enable academic and industrial scholars and practitioners to show their research on the following topics, without limitation:

  • Hydration and Microstructure of Cement
  • Alternative Cementitious Materials and Its Application
  • Durability of Concrete
  • Nuclear Waste Immobilization
  • Production and Manufacture of Cements and Clinkers
  • Low Carbon Technology Related to Cement and Cocnrete
  • Structural and Thermal Performance of Concrete Materials
  • Measurement Techniques and Simulation Methods and Tools
  • Utilisation of Waste Materials in Cements and Concretes
  • Sustainability Issues Related to Cement and Concrete

The detailed information about the conference can be found below:

The conference is jointly organised by:
Advanced & Innovative Materials (AIM) Group, University College London (UCL)
Cementitious Materials Group, The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IoM3)


With support from:
The Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT), UK
Qingdao University of Technology (QTech), China
The Collaborative Innovation Centre for Advanced Civil Engineering Materials (ACEM), China


And Exhibitors: