UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence



The Centre runs a range of programmes including PhD and Masters programmes in Machine Learning and related topics in AI

UCL has a proud history of excellence in AI education. Our view that is that understanding the scientific and mathematical principles behind AI is important. Rather than training students to just use existing AI tools, we train them to have the capability to create new AI algorithms.

This gives students a depth of understanding and the capability to lead others, making effective bespoke solutions to complex challenges.

AI centre

Foundational Artificial Intelligence MPhil/PhD

The UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Foundational Artificial Intelligence is hosted at the AI Centre. The CDT will train around 70 PhD students over its lifetime with the aim to produce PhD graduates capable of leading research breakthroughs and/or creating AI companies.

Related programmes

MSc Machine Learning

Machine learning

The programme introduces students to the computational, mathematical and business views of machine learning, led and taught by world-renowned researchers from the Department of Computer Science and the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit.

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MSc Computational Statistics and Machine Learning

The programme teaches advanced analytical and computational skills for success in a data-rich world, and covers covers fundamental aspects of machine learning and statistics.

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MSc Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Science brings together computational and statistical skills for practical data-driven problem-solving, and includes machine learning and large-scale data analysis.

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MSc Computer Vision

The programme provides training in computer graphics, virtual reality, machine vision and imaging technology from world-leading experts. It includes research activities such as geometric acquisition and 3D fabrication, real-time photorealistic rendering and mixed and augmented reality.

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PhD in AI-Enabled Healthcare

The UKRI UCL Centre for Doctoral Training in AI-enabled Healthcare Systems is hosted at the Institute of Health Informatics. The CDT aims to train over 50 future leaders to solve the most pressing healthcare challenges with the most innovative artificial intelligence solutions. 

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