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UCL AI Centre's Dimitrios Kanoulas wins UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

8 September 2021

Dr Dimitiros Kanoulas wins UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship to run RoboHike project, utilising quadrupedal robots to navigate dangerous terrains.

D Kanoulas

Hosted by University College London (UCL), Department of Computer Science, the new UKRI Future Leaders Fellow in Round 5, Dr. Dimitrios Kanoulas, will run the RoboHike project.  RoboHike aims at introducing novel high-level perception and learning approaches for modeling, identifying, and mapping footholds for quadrupedal robots, to achieve fast, robust, and reliable navigation and hiking skills on challenging environments and terrains. The fellowship focuses at the next-generation autonomous robotic systems in construction, agriculture, and damaged sites, where efficient navigation is required. The vision is to endow quadrupeds with environment cognition in autonomizing manual labor of hard or dangerous tasks.

RoboHike outcomes

Dr Kanoulas was one of Seven UCL academics who have been awarded UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships to accelerate their contribution to world-changing research and innovation.

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