SLASH Knowledge Exchange & Enterprise
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SLASH Knowledge Exchange & Enterprise

Upcoming event: Engaging Refugee Narratives at UCL Inst. of Advanced Studies on June 20

The UCL SLASH KTE Board comprises of a number of UCL academics and staff working within UCL Arts & Humanities, UCL Laws, UCL Social & Historical Sciences and the UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies.

The Board looks to support Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange activities across SLASH. This involves funding a number of Knowledge Exchange Champions each year as well as supporting activities that foster Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise in all its forms.

SLASH Knowledge Exchange & Enterprise place partnership at the core of our work

We support many sorts of activities including 

  • creating partnerships with non-academic bodies that leads to original research or other creative activities (entrepreneurship)
  • setting up social enterprises informed by UCL research
  • setting up commercial ventures informed by UCL research
  • collaborative research with ’business' (in the broadest sense of any body that has income and expenditure)
  • providing professional development courses
  • influencing policy
Hair Pin Detail

  Detail of hair pin from the UCL Ethnographic Collection