Inaugural Lectures 2012-13


13 November 2012

Professor Wendy Bracewell (UCL SSEES)

Travel accounts and travel polemics in 18th-century Europe

20 November 2012

Professor Peter John (UCL Political Science)

Experimentation, Behaviour Change and Public Policy

27 November 2012

Professor Hans van Wees (UCL History)

Luxury, austerity and equality in ancient Greece

15 January 2013

Professor Lisa Jardine (UCL CHIRP)

Temptation in the archives

22 January 2013

Professor Jon French


29 January 2013 

Professor David Wengrow (UCL Archaeology)

An Archaeology of Political Life, from the Bronze Age to the Kurdish Spring

5 February 2013

Professor Liz Graham (UCL Archaeology)

Between the Devil and the Deep Sea—The Maya of Colonial Belize

19 February 2013

Dr Peter Swaab (UCL English)

Edward Lear’s Travels in Nonsense and Europe

26 February 2013

Professor Kevin MacDonald (UCL Archaeology)

Re-Mapping West Africa’s Ancient Empires

5 March 2013

Professor Jan Eeckhout (UCL Economics)

Spatial Sorting: Big Cities, Big Inequality

12 March 2013

Professor Ian Freestone (UCL Archaeology)

New Light on Medieval Stained Glass

23 April 2013 Professor Iwan Morgan (UCL Institute of the Americas)
The US Deficit Habit: What are its causes and what lessons does history offer for breaking it?
30 April 2013

Professor Morten Ravn


7 May 2013

Professor Neil Mitchell (UCL Political Science)

Delegation, accountability and democracy: The case of human rights violations

14 May 2013

Professor Maxine Molyneux