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Professor Rachel Bowlby's new book reviewed in Times Higher Education

12 July 2013

A Child of One’s Own: Parental Stories by Rachel Bowlby

Professor Rachel Bowlby (UCL English) has recently written a fascinating new book A Child of One's Own: Parental Stories.  This compelling commentary offers fresh angels and arguments for thinking about parenthood today.

Bryony Randall (Times Higher Education) reviews the book and says 'Bowlby’s eye for detail is hawk-like, and she does not give up until she has wrung every drop of potential from her readings. From the observation that a moment of parental recognition is the subject of the only moment of nostalgic remembering in Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones, to the elegant suggestion that James’ Maisie “has” parents as people usually “have” children, there are new discoveries about these familiar texts at every turn.'

Read the full review on the Times Higher Education website