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Call for Papers - Moving: Pathways, Transport and Place

8 October 2013


Event date: 13th November 2013
2 - 7pm
Deadline for abstract submissions:
18th October 2013
Submission word count:
No more than 200 words
Contacts: For more information and to apply contact the organizers: Alexander Samson
(a.samson@ucl.ac.uk) or Isabelle Moreau (i.moreau@ucl.ac.uk). 

A workshop to be held at UCL on Wednesday 13th November 2013, 2—7pm,
for advanced doctoral and postdoctoral students with interests in early mod-
ern travel writing, historical geography or environmental criticism with exper-
tise or an interest in Digital Humanities, in particular the visualisation of data
and the interactive mapping of historical information. We are interested in
the relationship between actual and fictional/textual journeys and the ways in
which this distorting lens can be represented visually.

We are seeking to identify a researcher to form part of a grant application for
a two/three year postdoctoral fellowship from UCL’s Centre for Humanities
Interdisciplinary Research Projects (Note: Funding is *not* guaranteed). The
project team are interested in motion; modes of transport; routes, pathways
and itineraries; the language and lexis of cartography, geography, topography
and chorography; and the evolving ways in which places were defined and
understood. The central outcome of the project will be an interactive, dy-
namic mapping tool representing infographically aspects of the temporal-
spatial dynamics of early modern moving. We are open to a variety of ap-
proaches to this theme, from legal regimens, literary geographies, the sociol-
ogy of space, economics of moving, boundaries and borders, river or oceanic
transport, and trade.

The workshop will consist of 10 minute presentations on each participant’s
research and how it might be related to the project and its themes, followed
by an extensive seminar discussion. £50 Bursaries will be available to cover
travel and expenses.