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Joint Faculty Institute of Graduate Studies (FIGS) funding now £40,000

29 November 2013

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UCL Arts & Humanities is pleased to announce that the Faculty Institute of Graduate Studies (FIGS) is now being extended to Social & Historical Sciences and the School of Slavonic & East European Studies (SSEES), to become a joint venture. The new funds allocated are double last year, at a total of £40,000.

FIGS was originally established to energise the research culture among graduate students and staff across the Faculty (now Faculties), with a strong emphasis on instigating conversations and collaborations across disciplines by offering small grants of up to £1,500.

FIGS has supported a series of workshops, conferences, seminars and forums over the past two years to foster a research culture among staff and graduate students (both taught and research) and promote interdisciplinarity. Any academic or postgraduate student in across AH, SHS and SSEES can apply to FIGS to fund a collaborative event.

We will be working on producing a new Joint FIGS website in the future, but in the meantime you can find out about forthcoming events and funding opportunities on the current FIGS website.

For any queries please contact Kim Morgan at kim.morgan@ucl.ac.uk.