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Call for Applications - CREDOC Small Grants Scheme

7 May 2014

Impression of a jade seal designed by Professor Wang Mingming for CREDOC, containing the Chinese characters Xue (interpretation) and Wenming (civilisation)

UCL Staff

CREDOC invites applications from UCL academic staff to its Small Grants Scheme which funds projects that lead to or support collaborative research on the dynamics of civilisation.

Deadline: 30 May 2014
Contact: David Alabaster (d.alabaster@ucl.ac.uk)

UCL Junior Researchers

CREDOC also invites applications from UCL Junior Researchers (post-doctoral fellows and graduate students) to its Small Grants Scheme which supports groups who wish to explore common research interests related to the dynamics of civilisation.

Deadline: 30 May 2014
Contact: David Alabaster (d.alabaster@ucl.ac.uk)


CREDOC seeks to understand the social phenomenon of 'civilisation' and to challenge the role it is being made to play in the modern world. ‘Civilisation’ describes a social phenomenon greater than the nation. It has been identified by materials, languages, institutions and habits that are spread over time yet remain linked to one another as an integrated system. Civilisation appears on the map of modern political debate, whether in international policy (where it is used to build transnational political structures) or in the popular idea of a 'clash of civilisations'. Yet what is a civilisation? How do civilisations form, develop, endure and decay? And why does civilisation matter so much to us now?