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Call for Papers - Hermes Consortium Conference 2013

20 February 2013

New Worlds, New Literatures, New Critiques

Venue: University of Wisconsin – Madison
Dates: June 9-14, 2013

The 2013 Hermes Consortium Conference at the University of Wisconsin – Madison aims to focus on aspects of literary intersection, literary conglomeration, and literary innovations that are initiated and facilitated by historical phenomena of trans-national, trans-regional and/or global impact.

CAll for Papers

At the centre of the conference is a working idea of a “world literary/artistic criticism,” understood not merely as a finished collection of literary/artistic vocabulary from around the world, but an invitation to trace worldwide literary and artistic interactions and critical vocabularies that are developed to understand literary and artistic production.

What new aesthetic and artistic forms come into being as a result of newer interactions? What happens with literary and artistic criticism—in the public sphere arena of magazines, newspapers, e-zines, but also in the academy? How do local political, historical, and market realities shape, and are in turn shaped by transformations in literature and art?

These are just a few questions that will be discussed in the conference. Paper topics might include but are not limited to transnational, comparative evaluations of:

  • Forms of the Heroic Epic
  • Globalized “Bildungsroman”
  • Legacies of Realism: from Social to Magical Realist
  • Localizing the Fourth Wall: Indigenizing the Alienation Effect
  • Transformations in Short Stories: American Short Story, the German Kurzgeschichte, the “Nai Kahani” in Hindi Literature
  • Multilingual Rap: European Migration and Transformation of an American Genre
  • Hybridization of Poetical Forms across Borders
  • Translation and Transformation across Languages, Media, and Culture

Applications: Email director@global.wisc.edu 200 word abstract of doctoral project, and 300 word abstract of proposed paper, plus name, institutional address and email

Deadline: March 1, 2013

Other information: Fee to attend is $350 USD. A small number of scholarships will be available to select candidates.

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