UCL African Studies Research Centre


CMII0003 - Research Methods in African Studies

Value: 15 credits
Tutor: Professor Kevin MacDonald, Dr Hélène Neveu Kringelbach, and various guest lecturers
Assessment: Portfolio and research proposal


This course will serve as a key practical training element in the African Studies MA/MSc. Lectures will include elements of quantitative analysis, Geographic Information Systems, archival work (including digital resources), academic ethics, ethnographic/ interview techniques, presentation skills and the construction of research proposals. The course will provide a firm foundation in practical research skills and encourage the use and understanding of interdisciplinary research methods.

Assessment will combine a portfolio of quantitative and presentation practical work (submitted on PowerPoint) with a mini-project wherein students will design a practice research funding proposal on a pathway specific topic.

Course outline:

1. Research Ethics
2. Introduction to Social Sciences Statistics
3. Surveys & Afrobarometer
4. Archival Research
5. Constructing Research Proposals
6. Oral History & Interviews
7. Ethnographic Techniques
8. Participant Mapping & Civilian Science
9. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
10. Visual Research Methods

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