UCL African Studies Research Centre


CMII0001 - Africa: Dialogues of Past and Present

Value: 15 credits
Tutor: Professor Kevin MacDonald, Dr Hélène Neveu Kringelbach, and various guest lecturers
Assessment: 2 essays of 2,000 words each


This first element of the African Studies core course explores the interplay of the pre-colonial and colonial past with contemporary circumstances and practices. It will provide students with a background in the relevance of the Africa’s past for understanding its present socio-economic and environmental situation. The organization of the course will be thematic, rather than temporal, with lecture/seminar sets of two hours each developing issues from multiple perspectives and time-depths.

Lectures will be delivered in pairs, with each lecturer presenting contrasting disciplinary perspectives, and/or examining the pre-colonial and post-colonial contexts of the same issue.

Case studies will be developed from across the continent and from disciplines including history, archaeology, anthropology, and geography. A seminar guided by the same presenters will follow each lecture pairing allowing open discussion of the issues raised. By examining key historical ideas and enduring themes across time, this first course provides an effective background for the second core course, Debating Africa’s Future, and together they develop a broad knowledge-base from which to explore African Studies track-specific options.

Course outline:

  1. Representations: Looking at Africa from the outside
  2. Climate change, ecology and subsistence
  3. Ethnicity and the politics of belonging
  4. Belief
  5. Urbanism and hinterlands
  6. Traditional political systems
  7. Slavery and rights in persons
  8. Colonialism and neo-Imperialism
  9. Material crafts, performance and art
  10. The role of the African past in the African present

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