UCL African Studies Research Centre



Academic Staff

Name Research Interests
Professor Kevin MacDonald Professor Kevin MacDonald (Programme Chair) Historical Anthropology of West African Political Traditions, Issues of African Ethnicity and Identity, Slavery and Memory in Africa, The African Diaspora in Colonial North America, Style and African Pottery Making, Heritage Management, Deep Time African Pastoral Systems.
Dr Hélène Neveu Kringelbach Dr Hélène Neveu Kringelbach (Lecturer in African Studies) Dance and Society, Performance and Popular Culture in Senegal and Francophone West Africa, Marriage Migration and Transnational Families between Africa and Europe, Anthropology of West Africa, Film and Photography in West Africa.

African Studies Steering Committee

Research interests
Dr Matthew Davies Dr Matthew Davies (Institute for Global Prosperity)  Human-environment dynamics in Eastern Africa, climate, resilience, sustainability, historical ecology, agriculture, development, archaeology and heritage, landscape, space and materiality, prosperity metrics, indigenous and alternative knowledges, citizen science, trans-disciplinary approaches. 
Dr Jerome Lewis Dr Jerome Lewis (Anthropology) African Hunter-Gatherer Societies, Indigenous Rights, Sustainable Forestry, Impact of Global Forces on the Congo Basin.
Dr Ben Page Dr Ben Page (Geography) Political Ecology of Water Supply in Africa, Development through the African Diaspora, Malaria and the African Diaspora.
Professor Sara Randall Professor Sara Randall (Anthropology) Mobility, Demography and Well-being in West Africa, Reproductive Decision Making, Nomadic Pastoralism.
Dr Michael Walls Dr Michael Walls (UCL Development Planning Unit) Market-led Development, State Formation and Political Representation in Somaliland and Puntland, Post-conflict Reconstruction.
Chris Willott Dr Chris Willott (UCL Global Health) Nigerian State and Society, Service Provision, Formal and Informal Currencies, Global Health teaching for medical students.
Professor Megan Vaughan Professor Megan Vaughan (Institute of Advanced Studies) History of medicine and psychiatry in Africa, the history of famine, food supply and gender relations,death practices, slavery in the Indian Ocean region.
Elaine Unterhalter Dr Elaine Unterhalter (UCL Institute of Education) Human development and education in Africa, particularly South Africa. Education, poverty and global social justice.
Datzberger, Simone
Dr Simone Datzberger (Lecturer in Education and International Development)
The politics of education in developing and conflict-affected contexts; the interplay of education & political agency; gender, violence & education; civil society & political and social agency in peacebuilding and development processes. Across these themes I have a strong focus on sub-Saharan Africa (predominately Uganda and Sierra Leone).

Administrative Staff

  Name Contact
  Patrizia Oliver 
CMII Postgraduate Administrator
Tel: 02076797024
Internal: 37024
Email: patrizia.oliver@ucl.ac.uk
Office: Room 139 Foster Court
  Deborah Elm
CMII Postgraduate
Tel: 02031081134
Internal: 51134
Email: d.elm@ucl.ac.uk
Office: Room 135 Foster Court
Jo Wolff Jo Wolff
Admissions Officer
Tel: +44 (0)20 7679 3096 
Internal: 33096
Email: selcs.admissions@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Africanist Expertise

UCL Africa and Middle East Network

Institute of Advanced Studies

  • Professor Tamar Garb, Durning Lawrence Professor in the History of Art, Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Professor Megan Vaughan, Professor of African History and Health

Department of Anthropology

  • Dr Luke Freeman, Lecturer in Anthropology
  • Professor Katherine Homewood, Professor of Human Ecology
  • Dr Jerome Lewis, Lecturer in Social Anthropology
  • Professor Ruth Mace, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology
  • Dr Andrea Migliano, Lecturer in Evolutionary Anthropology
  • Professor Sara Randall, Professor of Anthropology

Department of Earth Sciences

  • Dr Pieter Vermeesch, Reader in Geochronology

Department of Economics

  • Dr Aureo de Paula, Reader in Economics
  • Dr Marcos Vera Hernandez, Reader in Economics

Department of Geography

  • Dr Jan Axmacher, Senior Lecturer in Geography
  • Dr Caroline Bressey, Reader in Historical Geography
  • Dr Simon Lewis, Reader in Geography
  • Professor Anson MacKay, Professor of Environmental Change
  • Professor Mark Maslin, Professor of Physical Geography
  • Dr Ben Page, Reader in Human Geography
  • Professor Jennifer Robinson, Chair of Human Geography
  • Professor Richard Taylor, Professor of Hydrogeology
  • Dr Tatiana Thieme, Lecturer
  • Dr Julian Thompson, Reader in Physical Geography

Department of History

  • Dr Michael Collins, Lecturer in Modern British, Imperial and World History
  • Dr Tim Gibbs, Lecturer in History of Early Modern and Modern Africa

Department of Information Studies

  • Dr Geoffrey Yeo, Honorary Senior Research Associate

Institute of Archaeology

  • Professor Dorian Fuller, Professor of Archaeobotany
  • Professor Kevin MacDonald, Professor of African Archaeology, African Studies Programme Chair
  • Dr Andrew Reid, Senior Lecturer in Eastern African Archaeology

The Bartlett, Development Planning Unit

  • Dr Colin Marx, Lecturer in Land Planning and Management
  • Dr Kamna Patel, Lecturer Development Administration
  • Dr Andrea Rigon, Lecturer
  • Dr Michael Walls, Senior Lecturer

Institute for Global Health

  • Dr Tim Colbourn, Lecturer in Global Health
  • Dr Edward Fottrell, Lecturer in Global Health
  • Dr Zelee Hill, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Chelsea Morroni, Clinical Lecturer
  • Dr Chris Willott, Senior Teaching Fellow

Global health has active research projects in Algeria, Burkino Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

History of Art Department

  • Professor Tamar Garb, Durning Lawrence Professor in the History of Art, Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies

Institute for Global Prosperity

  • Professor Henrietta Moore, Director and Chair of Culture, Philosophy and Design
  • Dr Matthew Davies, Lecturer in Global Prosperity
  • Professor Jacquie McGlade

African Studies

  • Professor Kevin MacDonald, Professor of African Archaeology, African Studies Programme Chair
  • Dr Hélène Neveu-Kringelbach, Lecturer in African Studies