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Students on this Masters are automatically affiliated to, and participate in, the Human Ecology Research Group with its long record of fostering outstanding postgraduate and postdoctoral research.

Staff and students have carried out a diverse range of research programmes and projects all over the world.

Common themes include: Resource use; livelihoods; poverty; biodiversity; conservation; development; corporate social responsibility; demography; migration & mobility; environmental change. All this research has been carried out in forests; wetlands; drylands; cloud forests; marine areas; urban and peri-urban areas... read more



Photo Description: Maasai cattle in the highlands of Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania. Source Sara Randall

Students choose two options from a wide range of Masters course options available at the UCL Department of Anthropology. Where timetabling permits, students are also able to take other relevant options from other departments. The first three courses in the list below are particularly designed for students on this Masters and students must select at least one of these. The remaining courses are some of the other popular choices taken by our students:

  • ANTHGE06 - Anthropology of Development
  • ANTHGE03 - Population and Development
  • ANTHGE02 - Ecology of Human Groups
  • ANTHGD12 - Medical Anthropology
  • ANTHGC12 - Anthropology of the Built Environment
  • ANTHGC21 - Social Construction of Landscape

Other masters courses in the department which students may take, after consultation with the Masters tutor include:

  • ANTHGC13 - Anthropology of Art and Design
  • ANTHGD10 - Anthropologies of Science, Society and Biomedicine
  • ANTHGD21 - Ritual Healing and Therapeutic Emplotment
  • ANTHGS16 - Anthropology of Nationalism, Ethnicity and Race
  • ANTHGS18 - Gender, Language and Culture
  • ANTHGS26 - Communication & Culture

Full list of the optional courses can be found by visiting the Postgraduate Course Options for Masters Students webpage.

Please note: not every course is available in every year