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Let Knowledge Transfer Partnerships help drive your business in the right direction

You don't need anyone to tell you what you need to make your business successful. Knowing is the easy bit. How you get there is often the real challenge. You can see any number of opportunities, but how do you assess their potential? How do you acquire the knowledge and expertise to develop new products and exploit lucrative new market opportunities? It's all about having the right resources - the time, the money and the expertise. That's where Knowledge Transfer Partnerships can help.

On-going support

The UCL KTP office will support you in proposal development, associate recruitment, project management and financial management.

What will it cost?

Each project is different so we prepare the costs on an individual basis. Every project includes

  • ½ day a week academic time dedicated to the project delivery
  • Associate salary and on costs
  • Generous consumables, travel, training budgets to support the project delivery

A project typically costs £70,000 p.a. SMEs contribute 33% and large companies 50%.

In order to qualify for funding, every project is expected to provide a significant return on this investment within the project duration and beyond. Independent research shows that on average a business can be expected to increase annual profit by around £283,000 as a consequence of a KTP, Create 3 genuine new jobs and deliver training to an average of 30 staff.

How will KTP help my business?

By participating in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships you can:

  • Access qualified people to spearhead new projects
  • Access experts who can help take your business forward
  • Develop innovative solutions to help your business grow
  • Develop your business for today’s market
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Improve your performance/business operations
  • Increase profitability

Contact Claire Arbon, UCL KTP Manager on 0203 108 3290 or