How to Engage with Business

Date:  Wednesday 28th May 2014
Time: 2.00pm - 4.30pm

The 'How to Engage with Businesses' workshop is one of a three part mini-course, Communicating Science to Business, which helps to prepare academics looking to maximise the benefits of presenting their academic research to business audiences. The other 2 parts of the mini-courses are:

The stand alone workshops together make up a short programme - attend all three to maximise the value of participating. Participants that complete all three sessions in the same academic year will receive a certificate to mark their achievements.

Who should attend?

Academics and PG students who want to engage with businesses in order to develop research collaborations or support. The workshop is aimed at those who have had some experience of interacting with businesses - it's not designed for those who already work extensively with businesses.

About the workshop

The aim of the workshop is to enable you to plan and structure your conversations with businesses more effectively and strategically - and thus build up better relationships with potential research sponsors.

Meetings with businesses tend to be structured around presentations - often by both sides. This seems logical but such 'show and tell' sessions rarely result in much follow-up. After several back-to-back, usually over-running presentations, most people are bursting to get out of the room and never get as far as discussing 'next steps' with and commitment.

Presentations are efficient ways of down-loading information but not much else. They should be part of the portfolio but not the whole message. It's far better to think in terms of conversations in which you are receiving as much as transmitting. Such conversations can be far better at building mutual understanding, trust - as long as they are well structured and planned (without being contrived).

In this workshop we use a series of role plays (based on actual cases) to illustrate and argue how such conversations should be structured. In so doing we explore what it is that businesses actually want to know (and want you to know), how they make decisions regarding investment in new technologies and why it is that so many businesses seem so cautious about taking on anything new. 

About the Course Presenter

Jeff Skinner lectures entrepreneurship at London Business School. Before this he was for many years Commercial Director of UCL - personally involved in building dozens of new ventures and collaborations with business as well as creating many of the structures now in place to support such activities. Prior to UCL he worked as an industrial research scientist in the US and UK.

How do I register?

Participation is free but places are limited to 30 people. Please register using the link below. If this this workshop is fully booked, please contact UCL Advances (, and your name will be added to the waiting list.

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