Yasuo Kozato

Honorary Research Fellow

E: y.kozato@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Yasuo Kozato (上里泰生) is Director of Technology Search, Canon Europe Ltd., and Industrial Researcher in Residence, UCL Advances.

He joined Canon Research Centre, Canon Inc. in 1981 and was engaged in designing the world first bubble jet full colour printer and image processing for colour printing. He was a recipient of the Canon Technical Traineeship, by which he spent two years from 1986 as a PhD student at University College London.

In 1988 Canon cerebrated its 50th anniversary and announced the launching of Canon Research Europe, Canon’s first overseas research centre, in Guildford, U.K. He stayed at CRE from October 1988 to December 1992, and worked as a liaison researcher to set up the R&D functions and be in charge of research and development of a visual programming language.

He returned to Japan in January 1993 and was in charge of management of Canon's global R&D activities involving five overseas laboratories. From July 1999 to March 2002, he was engaged in designing a knowledge management system for researchers and engineers internally known as “KAREN”. In April 2002, he returned to Canon Research Centre to manage new research theme incubation. Between October 2003 and October 2005, he was in charge of starting up “Global Search” activity in the Leading Edge Technology Research Headquarters.

Since November 2005, he has been in the U.K. again directing Technology Search Division of Canon Europe Ltd. The mission of this organisation is to search for Canon’s new business domains and technologies related to such new domains. A part of the activity was to set up the UCL-Canon Collaboration Office to facilitate effective knowledge exchange between industry and academia. He is currently looking at technologies including imaging & vision, software & IT, and healthcare, mainly in the universities across Europe.

PhD in computer science from University of London in 1994. Master in control engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1981. Bachelor in control engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1979.