Jack Wratten

Jack Wratten
BASE KX & Citrus Saturday Manager

T: 020 7679 4599

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Jack Wratten heads up BASE King’s Cross, UCL Advances’ 2000msq co-working facility complimenting the work of IDEALondon. BASE provides a range of business space and facilities to growing small enterprises and startups as well as providing the main teaching and training space for UCL Advances.

Jack also manages Citrus Saturday, an entrepreneurship challenge for school-age students, giving them the chance to create their own business making and selling lemonade to the public from market stalls. UCL Advances created Citrus Saturday in 2011 to enable Camden school kids to have a chance to experience what it's like to create their own business and run it for for a day. Since then Jack has grown Citrus Saturday rapidly and in 2015 there were activities in throughout the UK and in a total of 12 countries in Europe and Africa led by partner organisations, UCL students and UCL alumni.

Jack joined UCL to study Biochemistry in 1998, having previously worked for the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and became a researcher in UCL's Pharmacology department from 1999 to 2007, working on the biochemistry of calcium channel subunits. He left having started a social enterprise and participating in the London Entrepreneur's Challenge, going on to work in volunteer management in the charity sector. Alongside this work Jack has created several small businesses and social enterprises.