Advanced Research Computing


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ARC is planning a significant recruitment drive over the next year, with a total of at least 20 posts being recruited between January and July 2022. While not all posts have been opened for application yet, we include the full list below to help those interested in joining us decide which roles to apply for. We are almost always recruiting for our four professions at assistant, standard, senior and principal grades.

Research Infrastructure Developers

(Also known as DevOps, ResOps, DevSecOps, HPC Sysadmin, Linux Sysadmin)

There are currently 3 roles available, 2 of which are at senior level:

Research Software Engineers


(Also known as Research Software Developer)

Data Stewards

(Also known as Research Data Consultant, Informatician, Bioinformatician)

Data Scientists

(Also known as Statistician, Machine Learning Specialist, Informatician, Bioinformatician)

Other open roles  

For more information about these roles, or the Department, please contact Chris Langridge, Departmental Manager.

A list of all available positions across UCL can be found at the UCL Jobs portal.