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Industry Collaboration

The APL prides itself on its industry collaboration and partnerships. We work with the world's leading companies to tackle global challenges in collaboration, for mutual benefit.

If you are from industry and would like further information about how to become involved with the APL, please contact us.


Recent Industrial Research Outcomes

UCL NASA paper

APL battery engineers publish paper with NASA/NREL on battery damage

 - UCL battery engineers publish work undertaken alongside NASA and NREL.

Intentionally inducing worst-case thermal runaway scenarios in Li-ion cells on-demand is a definitive way to test the efficacy of battery systems in safely mitigating the consequences of catastrophic failure. An internal short-circuiting (ISC) device is implanted into three 18650 cell designs: one standard, one with a bottom vent, and one with a thicker casing. 

Hyundai NEXO fuel cell car at UCL

Hyundai and UCL Launch the NEXO FCEV

 - Hyundai has today revealed London’s dirtiest driving route working in partnership with UCL.

Part of Clean Driving™ Month, the route is made up of the most polluted and congested roads in the city, and Hyundai’s next generation hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, NEXO, will be driving the route to help clean up the air.