Advanced Propulsion Lab


Activities at the APL


Activities at the APL

Combining research, demonstration, teaching and outreach projects, activities at the APL will include:

  • Collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in translating research into battery and fuel cell safety into new international safety and quality standards.
  • World-leading translational diagnostics for batteries and fuel cells from lab to vehicle.
  • Metrology and forensics: embedding ‘research grade’ instrumentation in the design and quality control process, and enabling unique post-mortem analysis to enable safety improvement.
  • Emissions monitoring and analysis for air quality standards.
  • Large-scale marine engine research and development for the shipping industry.
  • ‘Olympic lab’ projects: using the QEOP site to test road, marine, unassisted aerial vehicle (UAV) and mobility technologies.
  • Rapid prototyping and manufacture for next generation electrochemical power trains.
  • Tailored materials discovery, development and manufacture at scale.
  • Hydrogen engine and alternative fuel research and development.
  • A ‘hydrogen hub’ refuelling station and outreach centre.
  • Working with UCL’s Global Disability Innovation Hub, research to develop new modes of transport at the most human level: powered exoskeletons for people with limited or no mobility.