Advanced Propulsion Lab


Advanced Propulsion Lab


About us

UCL has an international reputation for work on advanced propulsion comprising excellent electrochemical power systems and advanced combustion technologies. Our expertise is multi- and cross-disciplinary and brings together chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and chemistry, conducting engine research and developing high-performance materials for batteries and fuel cells at production scales never before possible. This is supported by outstanding research from both a policy and technological storage perspective within the UCL Energy Institute.

The Advanced Propulsion Laboratory is a unique offering. No other research facility in the world develops combustion engine technology alongside electrochemical technologies, integrates them, and applies these new innovations to a wide range of mobility and transport modes. 

As well as providing a leading hub for research and development, the APL will blur the lines between teaching, research, commercial innovation and outreach. Our philosophy is centred on the provision of: 

  • A crucible for collaboration 
  • Research-based teaching 
  • Enterprise and innovation 
  • Outreach and public engagement 

all set within London’s Global University.