Bloomsbury Consortium for Advanced Light Microscopy


Division of Biosciences

The Rockefeller site has the following facilities:

  • Two Leica SP8 microscopes: the SP8vis, and the MP_opo which has multi-photon capabilities. Both have Field of View scanners (FOV), which allow a 22mm field of view at normal scan rates. They also have resonant scanners for 8KHZ imaging: 30 frames per second at 512 x 512 pixel size.
  • FRET, photo-activation of advanced fluorescent proteins and FLIP
  • FLIM is now available on one of the multi-photon confocals
  • Addition of three simple, single-channel, multi-laser confocals
  • Four terabyte central file server: access your data from any site within UCL

For more information, please visit the Cell & Developmental Biology  Confocal Imaging website