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Administrative systems

ISD operates various Administrative Systems for UCL.

Services@UCL Update - June 2014

We are now in the final stages of moving this portal page over to the new central portal for Administrative Systems: Services@UCL.

To allow for content editors to complete their updates will have deferred decommissioning this page until the end of June 2014.

Please take this opportunity to use the new portal, provide feedback and update any documentation / bookmarks to the new URL:

To launch an application click on the appropriate Launch link in the table below.

For more information on an application, click the appropriate Info link.

Having trouble launching your application? Try the various links at the bottom of the page.

Administrative Systems Launch Requires Java  
Advance and Smartcall *
Launch Requires Java Info
ASCR - Academic Staff Common Room Launch Requires Java  
CMIS: Timetabling and Room Booking Access via WTS   Info
Estates: Room Bookings/Registry: Portico Services
DAS: Departmental Admissions System Access via WTS   Info
EDRM - Electronic Document & Records Management Launch Requires Java** Info
EROS - Electronic Recording of Supervisors Launch   Info HR
FAMIS - Facilities Maintenance Launch Requires Java*** Info
FIS - Financial Information System FIS Website    
HR Departmental Reporting (DAM) Launch Requires Java Info
HR Utilities Launch Requires Java Info
IRIS: Institutional Research Information Launch   Info
Online Recruitment Launch   Info
PAR: Professorial Appraisal Report System Launch    
Portico Portico Website    
Radioactive Substances System Launch Requires Java Documentation
Records Office System Launch Requires Java Info
Library Services
Redeployment System Launch Requires Java Info
Research Publications System Launch   Info
ResourceLink Launch   Info
RMS: Resource Management System Access via WTS   Info
Estates: Room Bookings/
ISD: Audio Visual
Senior Promotions
Launch Requires Java Info
Services System
Launch Requires Java Info
SiP Launch Requires Java Info
SPS (HR staff only) Launch Requires Java Info
StarRez Student Accommodation System Launch   Info
Student Accommodation
StarRez client software for Residences staff Install via ADS Desktop   Info  
UPAY (Birmingham Payroll)
Launch Requires Java Info
UPI - Find UPI Tool
Launch   Info

Requires Java Requires Java (see below for installation instructions)
* Reporting and administration forms only. Advance and SmartCall are accessed through ADS managed computers.
** Documentum may require a Java Security Exception - instructions are available here.
*** FAMIS is only certified for Java 6 update 45. Support for Java 7 will be available in March/April 2014.

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