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Specialist Studies on Italy

Specialist Studies on the Mediterranean

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Mark Pearce
Rethinking the North Italian Early Neolithic
Specialist Studies on Italy 17
ISBN 978-1873415443


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Radiocarbon chronology
Chapter 3: Radiocarbon chronology for the Spread of the Early Neolithic through the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Seas area
Chapter 4: Radiocarbon chronology for the Spread of the Early Neolithic through the Adriatic Sea area
Chapter 5: Radiocarbon chronology for the Spread of the Early Neolithic in the Po valley
Chapter 6: The radiocarbon chronology for the Spread of the Neolithic
Chapter 7: The 'full Neolithic' of Northern Italy
Chapter 8: Conclusions; a new understanding
Index of Site Names

Helen L. Loney
Social Change snd Technology in Prehistoric Italy
Specialist Studies on Italy 16
ISBN 978-1873415399


Chapter 1: Italian Prehistory
Chapter 2: Ceramic Analysis and the Reconstruction of Ancient Ceramic Technology
Chapter 3: Project Methodology
Chapter 4: Grotta Sventatoio: a Middle Bronze Age Cave Site
Chapter 5: Monte Leoni: a Terramare Bronze Age farming settlement
Chapter 6: Casale Nuovo: a Final Bronze Age trade centre
Chapter 7: Discussion: Coarse Ware Production in the Italian Bronze Age
Chapter 8: Conclusion

Robert Leighton
Prehistoric Houses at Morgantina. Excavations on the Cittadella of Morgantina in Sicily 1989-2004
Specialist Studies on Italy 15
ISBN 978-1873415368


Part 1: Excavation & Reconstruction
Part 2: Finds Reports and Analyses
Part 3: Settlement and Territory in Later Prehistory
Part 4: Finds Catalogue

Mark Pearce
Bright Blades & Red Metal. Essays on north Italian prehistoric metalwork
Specialist Studies on Italy 14
ISBN 978-1873415334


Exploring north Italian prehistoric metalwork
The ‘formal’ analysis of metalwork: exploring typology
Understanding the origins of metallurgy in Italy
Raw material procurement: copper mines and mining
Production: Slag and smelting
Production Intentionality
Consumption: Peschiera and Frattesina

Matthew Fitzjohn (ed.)
Uplands of Ancient Sicily and Calabria. The archaeology of landscape revisited
Specialist Studies on Italy 13
ISBN 978-1873415320


Lin Foxhall, Paul Lazrus, Kostalena Michelaki, John Robb, Doortje Van Hove & David Yoon: The changing landscapes of Bova Marina, Calabria
Rosa Maria Albanese Procelli, Francescaromana Alberghina, Marisa Brancato, Enrico Procelli & Giusy Sirena: The project and first results of the Gornalunga and Margi Valleys Survey
Anna Leone, Rob Witcher, Francesco Privitera & Umberto Spigo: The Upper Simeto Valley Project
Steven Ashley, Jo Bending, Gordon Cook, Andre Corrado, Caroline Malone, Paul Pettitt, Diego Puglisi, David Redhouse & Simon Stoddart: The resources of an upland community in the fourth millennium BC
Fraser Sturt: Structured thoughts; CGI and reconstruction of a Chalcolithic structure
Gianna Ayala & Matthew Fitzjohn: To be seen or not to be: interpretations of survey data, and questions of archaeological visibility in upland Sicily
Lucy Walker: Populating the medieval upland landscape of Troina: a review of published documentary sources for the 9th-15th centuries
Matthew Fitzjohn: A cognitive approach to an upland landscape
Davide Tanasi: A Late Bronze Age upland sanctuary in the core of Sikania?
Michael Kolb: The Salemi Survey Project: long-term landscape change and political consolidation in interior western Sicily 3000BC - AD600
Michael Kolb, Rebecca Osborn, Caroline Tyers, and Chad Heinzel: Contrada Pitrazzi: Late Bronze Age re-use of a Late Copper Age chamber tomb
Michael Kolb, Pierfrancesco Vecchio & Caroline Tyers: The lost settlement of Halikyai and excavations at Cappasanta, Salemi, Sicily
Kevin Cooney & Michael Kolb:  Urbanisation in Western Sicily: an indigenous perspective

Marina Ciaraldi
People and plants in ancient Pompeii: a new approach to urbanism from the microscope room. The use of plant resources at Pompeii and in the Pompeian area from the 6th century BC to AD 79
Specialist Studies on Italy 12
ISBN 978-1873415303


Pompeii and its region
The study of plant remains at Pompeii
Sampling, processing, counting and identification
The Villa Vesuvio at Scarfati
A fodder assemblage from the House of the Chaste Lovers
Plant assemblages from two Pompeian houses

Marianne Kleibrink
Oenotrians at Lagaria near Sybaris: a native proto-urban centralised settlement.  
(produced in association with the University of Groningen)
Specialist Studies on Italy 11
ISBN 1873415273


A brief research history
The geographical setting of the Timpone della Motta
Archaeology in the Sibaritide: Greek colonisation or native proto-urbanisation?
Native settlement
Bronze and Iron Age structures in the zone of Casa Asperta
Bronze and Iron Age structures in the zone of Casa al Muro Grande
The timber long houses on the Acropolis

Ligurian Landscapes

Ross Balzaretti, Mark Pearce & Charles Watkins (eds) 
Ligurian Landscapes: Studies in archaeology, geography and history in memory of Edoardo Grendi 

(Joint publication with the University of Genoa)
Specialist Studies on Italy 10
ISBN 1873415281


Catherine Delano Smith, Preface: A perspective on mediterranean landscape history
Ross Balzaretti, Mark Pearce and Charles Watkins,  Introduction: Ligurian landscapes: microhistory and environmental history
Nick P. Branch, Late Würm Lateglacial and Holocene environmental history of the Ligurian Apennines, Italy
Roberto Maggi, I monti sun eggi: the making of the Ligurian landscape in prehistory
Michael McCullagh and Mark Pearce, Surveying the prehistoric copper mine at Libiola (Sestri Levante–GE), Italy
Osvaldo Raggio, Microhistorical approaches to the history of Liguria: from microanalysis to local history. Edoardo Grendi’s achievements
Edoardo Grendi†, Meat provisioning in Ancien Régime Genoa
Ross Balzaretti, The history of the countryside in sixteenth-century Varese Ligure
Diego Moreno, Escaping from ‘landscape’: the historical and environmental identification of local land-management practices in the post-medieval Ligurian mountains
Charles Watkins,  The management history and conservation of terraces in the Val di Vara, Liguria
Roberta Cevasco, Multiple use of tree-land in the northern Apennines during the post-medieval period
Sandro Lagomarsini, Urban exploitation of common rights: two models of land use in the Val di Vara

Botromagno Ruth D. Whitehouse, John B. Wilkins and Edward Herring
Botromagno: excavation and survey in Gravina in Puglia, 1979-1985
Specialist Studies on Italy 9
ISBN 1873415230


The Early Iron Age
Tombs and other burials
Buildings and Structures
Field Survey 1985
Discussion and Conclusions

Emergence of state identities

Edward Herring and Kathryn Lomas (eds)
The Emergence of state identities in Italy in the first millennium BC
Specialist Studies on Italy 8
ISBN 1873415222


Edward Herring and Kathryn Lomas, Approaching the study of state identity in early Italy
Helen L. Loney, The development of ceramic production at Casale Nuovo (Lazio). Identifying the rise of complex society in the archaeological record
John-Paul Wilson, Ethnic and state identities in Greek settlements in southern Italy in the eighth and seventh century BC
Edward Herring, “To see oursels as others see us!” The construction of native identities in southern Italy
Kathryn Lomas, Cities, states and ethnic identity in southeast Italy
Phil Perkins, Urbanisation, settlement, burial and people in the Albegna Valley
Guy Bradley, Tribes, states and cities in central Italy
Ralph Haussler, The dynamics of state societies in northwest Italy
Edward Bispham, Mimic? A case study in early Roman colonisation
Mark Pobjoy, The first Italia
Robert Witcher, Globalisation and Roman imperialism. Perspectives on identities in Roman Italy

Gender and Italian Archaeology Ruth D. Whitehouse (ed.)
Gender and Italian Archaeology
Specialist Studies on Italy 7
(Joint publication with the Institute of Archaeology, University College London)
ISBN 1873415184


M. Carmen Vida, The Italian scene: approaches to the study of gender
Mary Baker, Italian gender theory and archaeology: a political engagement
Keri A. Brown, Gender and sex: distinguishing the difference with ancient DNA
Robert Leighton, Reflections San Teodoro 1-7 and recent sex changes in the Upper Palaeolithic
Mark Pluciennik, Representations of gender in prehistoric southern Italy
Jonathan Morter and John Robb, Space, gender and architecture in the southern Italian Neolithic
Katie Holmes and Ruth Whitehouse, Anthropomorphic figurines and the construction of gender in Neolithic Italy
Chris Hayden, Public and domestic: the social background to the development of gender in prehistoric Sardinia
Laurence Barfield, Gender issues in north Italian prehistory
Toms, The construction of gender in Early Iron Age Etruria
Markantonatos, Women’s roles in Iron Age Basilicata, south Italy: Indigenous women in indigenous and Greek contexts
Tamar Hodos, The asp’s poison: women and literacy in Iron Age Italy
Vedia Izzet, Holding a mirror to Etruscan gender

Gender and Ethnicity

Tim Cornell and Kathryn Lomas (eds)
Gender and Ethnicity in ancient Italy
Specialist Studies on Italy 6
ISBN 1873415141

Tim Cornell, Ethnicity in Early Roman History
Tom Rasmussen, The Tarquins and ‘Etruscan’ Rome
Kathryn Lomas, Constructing 'the Greek'.  Ethnic Identity in Magna Graecia
Emma Dench, From Sacred Springs to the Social War: Myths of Origins and Questions of Identity in the Central Apennines
Guy Bradley, Iguvines, Umbrians and Romans: Ethnic identity in central Italy
JonathanWilliams, Celtic ethnicity in northen Italy: Problems ancient and modern
Richard Alston, Changing Ethnicities: From the Egyptian to the Roman City
Glenys Davies, Gender And Body Language In Roman Art
Jonathan Walters, Soldiers And Whores In A Pseudo-Quintilian Declamation
Fay Glinister, The Woman Behind the Throne.  Gender in Archaic Rome
Ray Laurence, Women, Words and Power in Roman Imperial History
Sian Lewis, Shifting images.  Athenian women in Etruria

Early societies in Sicily Robert Leighton
Early societies in Sicily. New developments in archaeological research
Specialist Studies on Italy 5
ISBN 1873415133


Robert Leighton, Research traditions, chronology and current issues: an introduction
Laura Bonfiglia and Marcello Piperno, Early faunal and human populations
Biancamaria Aranguren and Anna Revedin, Problemi relative all’insorgenza del mesolitico
Sebastiano Tusa, From hunter-gatherers to farmers in Western Sicily
Fabrizio Nicoletti, Le industrie litiche oloceniche: forme, materie prime e aspetti economici
Sebastiano Tusa, Complessi campaniformi e l’età del rame – prima età del bronzo nella Sicilia occidentale
Laura Maniscalco, Early Bronze Age funerary ritual and architecture: monumental tombs at Santa Febronia
Enrico Procelli, Sicily between the second and third millennium BC: a brief survey
Robert Leighton, From chiefdom to tribe? Social organization and change in later prehistory
Rosa Maria Albanese Procelli, Produzione metallurgica e innovazioni technologiche nella Sicilia protostorica
Claudio Giardino, Miniere e techniche metallurgiche nella Sicilia protostorica: nuove linee di ricerca
Massimo Frasca, Iron Age settlements and cemeteries in southeastern Sicily: a short review
Dario Palermo, Tradizione indigena e apporti greci nelle culture della Sicilia centro-meridionale: il caso di Sant’Angelo Muxaro
Francesca Spatafora, Gli elimi e l’ età del ferro nella Sicilia occidentale
Rosa Maria Albanese Procelli, Greeks and indigenous people in eastern Sicily: forms of interaction and acculturation
Claire Lyons, Sikel burials at Morgantina: defining social and ethnic identities

Radiocarbon dating Robin Skeates and Ruth Whitehouse (eds)
Radiocarbon dating and Italian prehistory
Specialist Studies on Italy 3
(Joint publication with the British School at Rome)
ISBN 1873415117


Janet Ambers, Radiocarbon and calendar chronologies: some practical difficulties in the use of 14C in archaeology
Salvatore Improta, Il laboratorio 14C dell’Università di Roma.  Contributi all’archeologia e aspetti metodologici della datazione
Valerio Barbina, A. Del Fabbro, and F. Calligaris, F. An overview of the reliability of radiocarbon dating
Maurizio Diana,  Tecnologie diagnostiche avanzate per indagini archeologiche
Leone Fasani and Nicoletta Martinelli, Problemi relativi alle palafitte italiane alla luce della ricerca dendrocronologica
Mark Pluciennik, Holocene hunter-gatherers in Italy
Robin Skeates, Towards an absolute chronology for the Neolithic in central Italy
Alberto Cazzella, Cronologia radiocarbonica calibrata e cronologia ‘storica’ nell’Italia centro-meridionale durante l’età del Bronzo
Ruth Whitehouse, The British Museum 14C programme for Italian prehistory
Sebastiano Tusa, Cronologia assoluta e sequenza culturale nella paletnologia siciliana
Robert Tykot, Radiocarbon dating and absolute chronology in Sardinia and Corsica
Robin  Skeates, A radiocarbon date-list for prehistoric Italy (c.46,400 BP - 2450 BP/400 cal.BC)

Samnites of the Fourth Century BC

G. Schneider-Herrmann (edited by Edward Herring)
The Samnites of the Fourth Century BC as depicted on Campanian vases and in other sources
Specialist Studies on Italy 2
(Joint publication with the Institute of Classical Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London)
ISBN 0900587644


Foreword (by Prof. A.D. Trendall)
The Samnite warrior's appearance
The Samnite warrior's armour
The Samnite warriors's weapons
The Samnite warrior's activities: Combat-related activities
The Samnite warrior's activities: Ritual activities
The Samnite woman's appearance
The Samnite womans's activities
Ritual activities common to warriors and women

Underground Religion Ruth D. Whitehouse
Underground Religion. Cult and Culture in prehistoric Italy
Specialist Studies on Italy 1
ISBN 1873415079


The Neolithic and Copper Age in peninsular Italy and Sicily
The Cult Sites
Characteristics of the cult caves
Grotta di Porto Badisco: an analysis
Ritual themes
Structural meaning
Social function
Historical development
Psychological meaning
The rise of ritualism in prehistoric Europe

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