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The Tavoliere Project


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The Tavoliere-Gargano Prehistory Project

This project, which was funded by the British Academy, the Institute of Archaeology, UCL and the National University of Ireland, Galway, aimed to investigate the relationships between the Tavoliere plain and the Gargano promontory in southeast Italy from the Neolithic to the Iron Age.

The landscape presents a dramatic interface between the dry flat plain of the Tavoliere and the steep wooded promontory of the Gargano. Present data (e.g. distribution of flint from the Gargano) strongly suggest that the two zones formed part of a coherent system of exploitation and this was a major focus of this project, which explored the links between the two areas through systematic, multi-scalar survey. It included GIS based landscape survey, intensive survey of selected sites, phenomenological survey at both landscape and individual site scales, as well as re-examination of previous excavation and survey results and archives.

It began with a preliminary visit in July 2002, with further seasons in 2003-6.  The publication of the project is now in preparation and funding is currently being sought for a further programme of survey and investigation.

The project staff was made up of Eleanor Betts (University of Reading), Keri Brown (University of Manchester), Pamela Combes, Dr Sue Hamilton (Institute of Archaeology, UCL), Dr Edward Herring (National University of Ireland, Galway & Accordia Senior Research Fellow), Mike Seager Thomas (Accordia Research Fellow), and Professor Ruth Whitehouse  (Institute of Archaeology, UCL & Founding Member of Accordia).

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