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We publish papers on all aspects of  the study of early Italy.   We welcome innovative contributions from scholars working in any of these areas, and we are particularly keen to publish the work of younger scholars.  We principally publish in English, but we are also happy to accept contributions in Italian. If you would like further information about publishing in Accordia Research Papers, please contact the Editor, Dr John Wilkins (, or download our Notes for Authors (pdf file). 


Accordia Research Papers 13 (2013)

Special Issue: Rethinking the Italian Neolithic

Ruth D. Whitehouse and Mark Pearce: Intrroduction

Robin Skeates: Neolithic Italy at 4004 BC: people and places

Keri A. Brown and Craig Alexander: Once is not enough: were there two Neolithic colonisations of Southern Italy?

Martina Dalla Riva: Pottery fragmentation at Fimon-Molino Casarotto (Vicenza)

Susanna Harris: Cloth culture in the Middle Neolithic Square-Mouthed Pottery culture of northern Italy, with special reference to basketry

Andrea Dolfini: The Neolithic beginnings of metallurgy in the central Mediterranean region

Mark Pearce: Impact, language communities and archaeological schools: British archaeologists and Italian Neolithic studies

Previous Issues

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Accordia Research Papers 12 (2009-2012)

Claudio Giardino: From natural resources to cultural commodities: metal technology in the central and south Italian Copper Age

Mark Pearce: The absolute chronology of site IV at Terrina (Aléria, Haute-Corse) and early metallurgy on Corsica and Sardinia

Mara Migliavacca: On the edge of urbanism: northern Italian mountain communities in an age of change

Cristiano Iaia: Warrior identity and the materialisation of power in Early Iron Age Etruria

Francesca Mermati: The Mediterranean distribution of Pithekoussan-Cumaean pottery in the Archaic period

Eleanor Betts: Cubrar matrer: goddess of the Picenes?

Accordia Research Papers 11 (2007-2008)

In Memoriam: A Conversation with Lawrence Barfield - 16 October 2008 - interviewed by Mark Pearce

Maureen Carroll: 'Vox tua nempe mea est'. Dialogues with the dead in Roman funerary commemoration

Edward Herring: Diomedes and Daunia: a Greek origin story for a south Italian place

Francesco Iacono: Burial and Society in the non-Greek Salento (Southeast Italy) 600-250 BC

Giulia Saltini Semerari: Heroic status for women in Basilicata: the adoption of Greek ideology in Southern Italy

Simon Stoddart: The Etruscan Body

Accordia Research Papers 10 (2004-6)

M.A. Mannino and K.D. Thomas: 'dates for hunter-gatherers and early farmers in Sicily'

H. Dawson: 'Understanding colonization: Adaptation strategies in the Central Mediterranean islands'

A. Cazzella and G. Recchia: 'Revisiting anomalies: New excavations at Tas-Silg and a comparison with other megalithic temples in Malta

C. Hayden: 'Simultaneous Inventions. The dispersed origins of rock-cut tombs in the central Mediterranean'

R. Guglielmino: Roca Vecchia (Lecce). New evidence for Aegean contacts with Apulia in the Late Bronze Age

T.P. Wiseman: Andrea Carandini and Roma Quadrata

F.R. Serra Ridgway: Revisiting the Etruscan underworld

R. Häussler: Local religions in a global world: the case of Gallia Narbonensis

Accordia Research Papers 9 (2001-3)

C. Malone, G. Ayala, M. Fitzjohn and S. Stoddart Under the Volcano 7-22
A.M. Bietti Sestieri: Groups of Copper, Bronze and Iron Age metal artefacts from the Italian collections in the British Museum 23-44
M.A. Tafuri, J. Robb, M. Mastroroberto, L. Salvadei and G. Manzi Diet, mobility and residence patterns in Bronze Age Southern Italy. Trace element analysis of human bone and dental enamel 45-56
A. Rathje: Life in Central Italy in the Archaic period 57-68
C. Riva Keeping up with the Etruscans?  Picene elites in central Italy during the Orientalising period 69-92
R.E. Roth: Ritual abbreviations in the Etruscan funeral. The red-figured skyphos GR.1952.31 in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge 93-104
A. Lintott: Delator and Index. Informers and accusers at Rome from the republic to the Early Principate 105-122
K.A. Brown Aerial archaeology of the Tavoliere. The Italian Air Photographic Record and the Riley Archive 123-146
A. de Guio, R. Whitehouse and J. Wilkins Alto-Medio Polesine - Basso Veronese Project: ninth report' (with contributions by C. Balista, F. Cafiero, A. de Guio, R.D. Whitehouse and J.B. Wilkins) 147-162
R. Skeates New radiocarbon dates for prehistoric Italy. Supplementary list 5 163-182
M. Papa Sokal USA and Italy sign agreement to protect Italian archaeological materials 182-188

Accordia Research Papers 8 (1999-2000)

Milliken, S. The Neanderthals in Italy 1-82
Spataro, M. An interpretative approach to the prehistory of the Edera Cave in the Trieste Karst (northeastern Italy): the archaeometry of the ceramic assemblage 83-100
Lo Schiavo, F.& Manconi, F. Animals in Nuragic Sardinia 101-132
Izzet, V. Etruscan ritual and the recent excavations at Sant’Antonio Cerveteri 133-148
De Guio, A., Whitehouse, R. & Wilkins, J. (with contributions by C. Balista, F. Cafiero, & M. Cagnoni) Alto-Medio Polesine - Basso Veronese project: eighth report 149-164
Skeates, R. New radiocarbon dates for prehistoric Italy and Malta: supplementary list 4 165-86

Accordia Research Papers 7 (1997-8)

Milliken, S. The earliest occupation of Italy 7-36
Malone, C. Processes of colonisation in the central Mediterranean 37-58
Stoddart, S. Contrasting political strategies in the islands of the southern central Mediterranean 59-74
Ciaraldi, M. Food offerings at the Archaic/Hellenistic sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Monte Papalucio (Oria, Apulia, southern Italy) 75-92
Häussler, R. Ideology, power and the meaning of Roman culture: the changing motivational force of Roman culture 93-112
Lomas, K. Graeca urbs? Ethnicity and culture in early imperial Naples 113-130
De Guio, A., Whitehouse, R. & Wilkins, J. (with contributions by F. Airundo, C. Balista, F. Cafiero & A. Vanzetti) Alto-Medio Polesine - Basso Veronese project: seventh report 131-148
Skeates, R. & Whitehouse, R. New radiocarbon dates for prehistoric Italy 3 149

Accordia Research Papers 6 (1995-6)

Migliavacca, M. Activities within the built environment in a mountain zone during the Iron Age 7-82
Becker, M.J. Skeletal studies of Sicilian populations. A survey 83-118
Knowles, K. &  Skeates, R. Thin-section analysis of neolithic pottery fabrics from La Quercia, southeast Italy: identification and interpretation 119-132
Laurence, R. &  Smith, C.J. Ritual, time and power in ancient Rome 133-152
De Guio, A., Whitehouse, R. & Wilkins, J. (with contributions by  C. Balista, F. Cafiero, P. Cattaneo & A. Nanni Alto-Medio Polesine - Basso Veronese project: sixth report 153-172
Trump, D. Radiocarbon dates from Malta 173-178
Skeates, R. & Whitehouse, R. New radiocarbon dates for prehistoric Italy 2 179

Accordia Research Papers 5 (1994) 

Tagliacozzo, A. Economic changes between the Mesolithic and the Neolithic in the Grotta dell’Uzzo (Sicily, Italy) 7-38
Pluciennik, M. Space, time and caves: art in the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic of southern Italy 39-72
Maggi, R., Campana, N., Negrino, F. & Ottomano, C. The quarrying and workshop site of Valle Lagorara (Liguria - Italy) 73-96
Christie, N. From bones to homes: looking for the Longobards 97-114
De Guio, A., Whitehouse, R. & Wilkins, J. (with contributions by F. Airundo, M.  Bagolan, C. Balista, F. Cafiero, G. Cantele, G. De Caro, E. Herring, C. Howard Davis, P.  Howard, M. Luciani, A. Malgarise & A. Muggia) Alto-Medio Polesine - Basso Veronese project: fifth report 115-136
Skeates, R. & Whitehouse, R. New radiocarbon dates for prehistoric Italy 1 137

Accordia Research Papers 4 (1993) 

Skeates, R. Early metal-use in the central Mediterranean region 5-48
Pearce, M. The origins of metallurgy and ore sources: a north Italian case study 49-62
Lomas, K. The city in southeast Italy. Ancient topography and the evolution of urban settlement, 600-300 BC 63-78
Laurence, R. Emperors, nature and the city: Rome’s ritual landscape 79-88
Moreland, J. Wilderness, waste land, depopulation and the end of the Roman empire? 89-110
Balista, C. & De Guio, A. (with contributions by E. Gastiglioni, S.  Levi, A. Malgarise, A. Marchesan, M. Migliavacca, L., Perin, M. Rotoli, A. Vanzetti, R. Whitehouse & J. Wilkins) The site of Fabbrica dei Soci (Villabartolomea-VR): beyond the surface 111

Accordia Research Papers 3 (1992) 

Leighton, R. Stone axes and exchange in south Italian prehistory: new evidence from old collections 11-40
Whitehouse, R.D. Tools the Manmaker: the cultural construction of gender in Italian prehistory 41-54
Herring, E. Radiocarbon dating and South Italian Early Geometric pottery 55-66
Vida Navarro, M.C. Warriors and weavers: sex and gender in Early Iron Age graves from Pontecagnano 67-100
Harari, M. Etruscan Art: from difference to duality (and beyond) 101-106
Longo Auricchio, F. The contribution made by the Herculaneum Papyri to our knowledge of Epicurean Philosophy 107-124
Wiedemann, T. Descent, succession-lists and genealogies in classical culture 125-134
Balista, C., Cantele, G., De Guio, A., Luciani, M., Migliavacca, M., Whitehouse, R. & Wilkins, J. Alto-Medio Polesine - Basso Veronese Project: fourth report 135

Accordia Research Papers 2 (1991) 

Brown, K.A.

A passion for excavation. Labour requirements and possible functions for the ditches of the ‘villagi trincerati’ of the Tavoliere, Apulia

Herring, E. Socio-political change in the south Italian Iron Age and Classical periods: an application of the peer polity interaction model 31-54
Spivey, N. The power of women in Etruscan society 55-68
Edwards, M.J. Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus. From teenage butcher to Roman Alexander 69-86
Balzaretti, R. History: archaeology and early medieval urbanism: the north Italian debate 87-104
Gadd, D. & Ward-Perkins, B. The development of urban domestic housing in north Italy. The evidence of the excavations on the San Romano site, Ferrara (1981-4) 105-128

Balista, C., Bonomi, S., Cantele, G., De Guio, A., Herring, E.,  Howard Davis, C., Howard, P., Magro, S., Malgarise, A., Perin, L., Toniolo, A., Vanzetti, A., Whitehouse, R. & Wilkins, J.

Alto-Medio Polesine Basso Veronese Project: third report 129-178
Migliavacca, M. Soil phosphate analysis at Fabbrica dei Soci (Verona) 179

Accordia Research Papers 1 (1990) 

Delano Smith, C. Place or Prayer? Maps in Italian Rock Art 5-18
Whitehouse, R.D. Caves and Cult in Neolithic Southern Italy 19-38
Stoddart, S. The Political Landscape of Etruria 39-52
Wilkins, J.B. Nation and Language in Ancient Italy: problems of the linguistic evidence 53-72
Manacorda, D. Excavations in the Crypta Balbi, Rome: a survey 73-82
Hodges, R. Glyn Daniel, the Great Divide, and the British Contribution to Italian Archeology 83-94
Blake, H.  Aguzzi, F. (with a contribution by S. Sfrecola) Eleventh Century Islamic Pottery at Pavia, North Italy: the Torre Civica Bacini, with a report on the mineralogical analyses by Sergio Sfrecola 95-153
Balista, C., De Guio, A., Edwards, M., Ferri, R., Herring, E., Howard Davis, C., Howard, P., Peretto, R.,  Vanzetti, A., Whitehouse, R. & Wilkins, J. Alto-Medio Polesine Project: second report 153

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