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Moving out?

Find out what to do when you leave your UCL accommodation, from handing back key fobs to avoiding cleaning charges

Moving out during Academic Year 2020/21?

Due to government restrictions surrounding coronavirus, we have had to change some of the moving out procedures. Plese visit our dedicated coronavirus page for details.

Moving out during coronavirus

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I return my keys and access card?

Your key, swipe/access card, and/or electronic key fob must be returned to your accommodation's reception/office by 10:00 am on your day of departure. Should you fail to do so, we will continue to charge you rent for your room until the check-out process has been completed.

How tidy does my room need to be when I leave?

Your room (including bathroom if your room is en-suite) and kitchen must be left clean and tidy. This includes removing all rubbish and food, and disposing of it in the appropriate location. Residents of studios/flats/bungalows must leave all areas of their studio/flat/bungalow clean and tidy.

What cleaning charges are there?

The following charges will be made for a room/flat/bungalow left dirty on departure:

  • £25 charge for a standard single room
  • £40 charge for a standard twin or double room
  • £50 charge for a en-suite single (£25 for the bedroom and £25 for the bathroom)
  • £65 charge for en-suite double or twin (£40 for the bedroom and £25 for the bathroom)
  • £75 charge for a studio
  • £100 charge for a 1 bedroom flat
  • £150 charge for a 2 bedroom flat/bungalow
  • £25 charge per person for a communal kitchen
Will UCL forward on post sent to me?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to forward post to you after your departure so please ensure that you change your address. Post and deliveries for residents who have left will be refused or returned to sender.

In between leaving and changing your address you can also set up a redirect with the Post Office.

Will I get my deposit back?

The deposit (prepayment) of £250 you pay when accepting a place will be offset against the final instalment of your accommodation fees.