UCL Accommodation


Feedback and complaints

If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of the services UCL Accommodation provides, please use the information below to direct your enquiry.

Our service

We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work, timely delivery, professional behaviour and customer service. We expect consistently high standards from our staff and our contractors. We recognise, however, that there are occasions when the services delivered by UCL Accommodation may fall short of reasonable expectations. Below are details on the formal procedure to be followed in the event of a service not being delivered in line with our high standards and user aspirations.

If you are unhappy about a service provided by or through UCL Accommodation, or if we have not done something which we promised to do, the best way for us to make improvements is to hear from you and learn from what you have to say; we value your opinions.

Feedback forms are available from residence reception areas. These may be sent Freepost to the Director of UCL Accommodation.

Definition of a complaint

For the purposes of this procedure a complaint is defined as any serious and formal expression of dissatisfaction that requires action or redress. It includes repetitive failure to resolve or address a reported issue; serious failure of agreed service arrangement; serious breach of service agreement; serious inconvenience caused as a result of UCL Accommodation’s actions (or inaction) and inappropriate behaviour by a member of UCL Accommodation staff or contractors.

The process

If you wish to make a complaint about your experience within UCL Accommodation, you should first try to resolve the matter informally in consultation with either the person who has caused the complaint or the House Manager as appropriate. Where the House Manager is not available a Residence Assistant will act on their behalf.

At this stage, complaints logged in writing will be acknowledged within three working days and responded to fully within seven working days. If the complaint cannot be resolved informally you should put the details of the matter in writing to the relevant Area Residences Manager including, if you wish, the form of remedy which may be sought. The relevant Area Manager can be identified from the display on your site notice board; details can also be provided by the House Manager.

In order for a complaint to be considered, these details must be submitted to the Area Residences Manager no later than one calendar month after the date in which the incident has occurred. If the complaint is received after this time the Area Residences Manager will exercise discretion as to whether or not the matter in question is to be investigated.

The outcome of your complaint will be issued to you in writing within 21 working days. Such notification will include details of UCL’s Student Complaints Procedure in the event that you remain dissatisfied with the outcome. The 28 day time limit for lodging a complaint under the UCL Student Complaints Procedure will start from the date you are notified of the outcome of your complaint under the procedure above.

At all times during the processing of your complaint informal resolution is encouraged and students may wish to seek the advice of the UCL Student Mediator or the UCL Union’s Rights & Advice Service.

Compensation claims

In any service provision, there are times when problems arise that have an impact on the users of the service. When users experience interruption of service or a change in quality they may have an expectation of some form of compensation. The rules governing compensation payments need definition to achieve fairness. UCL cannot be held accountable for service interruption outside of its control.

UCL Accommodation is a self-financing department, the income for which comprises student accommodation fees (term time and those who stay in the summer) and fees from commercial visitors in vacations. In order for budgets to balance, compensation payments either result in increased fees or reduced services. Therefore, any payments must be justified and fair.

Types of complaint

Building works and maintenance

It is not always possible to schedule building works and maintenance works when buildings are unoccupied. Such works, unless emergencies, will be scheduled for working hours (normally 08:30 to 17:30). Residents will be given advanced notice of such works.

No compensation will be paid for noise resulting from such works or for changes resulting from such works, in facilities provided.

Lack of services resulting from failure of service providers outside UCL

If a service provider external to UCL is responsible for the provision of a service and it fails, UCL will take reasonable steps to inform residents of the duration of the failure, will take reasonable steps to inform residents of any alternative provision, and will take reasonable steps to require the provider to reinstate the service without delay, including, where appropriate, seeking compensation from the service provider for the failure. 

Lack of services resulting from a failure of provision by UCL

Where the service failure arises from action or inaction by UCL, compensation payments will be considered in accordance with the provisions detailed below and an assessment of the inconvenience caused, taking account of the difference between essential and nonessential amenities.

UCL will be liable for compensation where services to your accommodation temporarily fail as a result of action or inaction by UCL. Such compensation will only be payable where UCL has been unable to arrange an adequate alternative provision within 36 hours of UCL having been notified of the failure. Such compensation will not be payable where the failure in services is caused by vandalism by you or your invitees. Compensation payable under this sub-paragraph will be calculated on the basis of 1/4 of the accommodation fees for the duration of the failure in service provision after 36 hours. 

The Area Residences Manager shall be responsible for determining the amount of compensation to be paid. Furthermore, compensation will not be paid under these circumstances until a period of 36 hours has elapsed to effect a correction of the fault.’ 

Failure to report faults and vandalism section: Change to ‘Compensation will not be paid for a lack of service or amenity where the individual(s) affected are aware of, but have failed to report as soon as reasonably possible, in writing, a fault to the Residence Manager. Compensation will not be paid where a fault or interruption of service has been caused by acts of vandalism

Failure to report faults and vandalism

Compensation will not be paid for a lack of service or amenity where the individual(s) affected are aware of but have failed to report as soon as reasonably possible, in writing, a fault to the Residence Manager. Compensation will not be paid where a fault or interruption of service has been caused by acts of vandalism.

Major disaster

In the event of catastrophic failure of services or the destruction of part of a building necessitating closure, all reasonable steps will be taken to re-house students. Where rehousing is accepted by a student, they will bear the cost of the new housing. Accommodation fees will only be payable up to the point of closure and one week’s fees will be returned as compensation. 


A claim for compensation must be made in writing to the Residences Manager at the appropriate site, within 21 days of the event causing the claim. A response to the claim will normally be made within 21 days of receipt of the claim.


Appeals against a decision by the Area Residences Manager should be referred to the Operations Manager.

The grounds for such appeal will be:

  • The amount of the compensation offered is unreasonably low.
  • Compensation payment was unreasonably refused.

Appeals must be submitted in writing within 21 days of the date upon which the decision on compensation was communicated to the claimant.