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Belongings collection

Find out how to collect and store your belongings safely under current coronavirus restrictions.

If you would like to terminate your contract before it’s end date, you must submit a Notice to Quit (NTQ) as stated in the UCL Accommodation General Regulations before your contract end date.

If you leave any belongings behind and therefore do not meet the three conditions as listed below, then you will continue to be liable for any rent charges.

  1. Formally notify UCL by submitting a Notice to Quit request online at UCL Accommodation Portal.
  2. Remove all belongings from your accommodation. See how below.
  3. Return your keys to your hall reception and check out by the date indicated on your Notice to Quit request. 

You will also need to follow one of the four procedures below to remove your belongings. To organise room cleaning and returning you key please contact your hall team.

There are a number of ways to retrieve your belongings before your contract end date.

Collect yourself

If you are able to pick up your belongings yourself you can now return to site, but you must first book an appointment with your hall team.

Nominate someone to collect on your behalf

If are unable to return to your hall yourself and wish to nominate a person to pick up your belongings on your behalf, you are now able to do so. 

You must then email your hall team with the full name of your nominated person (and the same for anyone who is coming to assist them), giving clear written permission for them to enter your room to pack your belongings on your behalf, and arrange a time for them to do so by your contract end date.

Packing and Storage Services

If you are unable to return to your hall or nominate someone else to do so, we have arranged with our strategic supplier, Lovespace to provide an alternative packing, storage and/or shipping service. They will need to do this by your contract end date

You will need to book directly with Lovespace, and then notify your site team via email, giving clear written permission for Lovespace to enter your room to pack your belongings on your behalf.

You can book Lovespace for one of the following solutions: 

Left belongings collection and storage
When booking a storage unit, you can upgrade to have your belongings packed. Packing & collection costs £149, and includes professional packing, materials & collection from the room. You can use the discount code LOVEUCL at the check out. 
Room packing and storage

You select a convenient date to have your room packed, and nominate a representative to provide access and oversee the collection, this should be booked to commence before Saturday 26 June 2021. 

Lovespace can collect your stored belongings for as little as £70 with ongoing storage starting from £79 per month. You can use the discount code LOVEUCL at the check out. 

Book your collection with Lovespace

Disposal of your belongings

If you no longer require the belongings in your room and wish for UCL Accommodation to dispose of them, please contact your site team via email directly, giving clear written permission for them to do so.

The instructions below must be followed by you or your nominated representative at all time when on site:

  • You will need to bring a form of identification with you i.e. student id, and will need to show this on arrival to be permitted access to the building.
  • You can bring 1 guest with you, if necessary, to assist with packing your room.
  • Your guest will be required to sign in at reception on arrival and will be your responsibility whilst in the building.
  • Your guest should remain with you at all times within the building.
  • We ask that you and your guest wear PPE such as a face covering and gloves at all times when moving around the building to help protect yourself and others.
  • You must bring all your own packing materials such as boxes, tape, labels, refuse bags and scissors as there will be no packing materials available on site.

There will also be no parking available on site and alternative arrangements should be made if necessary.

Should you and/or members of your household have developed any Coronavirus symptoms on the day of pick up or the 10 days prior, you should not visit site. 

For further information on moving out including end of license instructions such as any additional charges and the return of your keys before leaving site, please visit our moving during coronavirus page. 

Quarantine period

If you are an international student returning to the UK, please be aware of the UK Government’s mandatory 10 day quarantine period for everyone entering the UK from Amber List countries and 10 day quarantine in a hotel for Red List countries.

If you have terminated your contract, UCL Accommodation is not able to offer support for students needing to quarantine. Therefore, if you would be required to quarantine on your return to the UK, we recommend that you seek alternate quarantine accommodation before coming onsite to collect your belongings using our belongings collection booking process. Alternatively, you can use our pack and store/send option for your belongings as stated above.