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Construction works

Updates on construction works impacting UCL Halls will be published on this web page as and when they become available to the UCL Accommodation team.

London is a global, vibrant city and development is inevitable. 

The scarcity and spiralling cost of property in the capital makes it impossible for UCL to re-house those who may be temporarily affected by building works in the area.

For this reason, we are taking all steps to reduce the impact of all building works, but some noise and disruption to those living in UCL accommodation will at times, be inevitable.

High Speed Two (HS2) (Prankerd House, Endsleigh Gardens and John Adams Hall)

HS2 is the UK's new high speed rail network. Phase one of HS2 will link London (Euston) and Birmingham, and it is expected that major works will commence around London Euston in the upcoming months.

Some of the construction work will affect UCL Halls, particularly Prankerd House, Endsleigh Gardens, and John Adams Hall.

The main impact on UCL from the HS2 operations will likely be felt to the south of Euston Road as a result of increased demolition and construction activity.

UCL has secured an Assurance from HS2 to provide mitigation against the environmental and associated impacts of the HS2 programme, such as noise and increased traffic. UCL will be monitoring adherence to that Assurance.

UCL is working with HS2 on the preparation of a noise and vibration management plan which will help to ensure that noise impacts associated with HS2 works are controlled.

Project plan

The project will continue until 2026 (Phase 1), we have been notified of the following milestones for information.

March 2018 - September 2018

HS2 will primarily have an impact on Prankerd House.

There may be a slight increase in traffic associated with the works, although the vehicles supporting the demolition work west of Euston Station will not be routed down North Gower Street.

There will be a trial trench dug across North Gower Street to the immediate north of Stephenson Way. The works are expected to last just over a week and will be fenced within an acoustic enclosure, keeping noise disruption minimal.

There will be also be number of trenches dug around the junction of Gordon Street with Endsleigh Gardens, which may affect John Adams House and Endsleigh Gardens House. The trench is expected to last just over a week, and will also benefit from an acoustic enclosure to shield against noise.

From mid-2019 works will be taking place to divert utilities on certain streets in the Bloomsbury area. These works are likely to impact Prankerd House, Endleigh Gardens and John Adams Hall,

1 Triton Square (Schafer House)

British Land are redeveloping 1 Triton Square to provide modern work office space, new retail space and a gym. The development is near to Drummond Street, meaning Schafer House may be affected by the construction works.

Work will commence on 1 March 2018 and is expected to be completed in December 2020. The work will take place in line with Camden Council regulations between 8am and 6pm Monday-Friday, and 8am and 1pm Saturday. 

The work may also see an increase in traffic on Drummond Street.

Further updates on the impact of 1 Triton Square works on UCL Accommodation will be published on this web page as and when they become available to the UCL Accommodation team 

Stephenson House (Schafer House)

Stephenson House, neighbouring with Schafer House, will undergo construction works until 2021.

The works consists of a full demolition of the building down to the ground floor, retaining the basement, then creating a new structure for commercial residential and retail use.

Starting from 17 December 2018, there will be a one-way system created along Drummond Street, from Hampstead Road, for the foreseeable future. From mid-January 2019, to the end of January, the front section of the building, which is located on Drummond Street, will be removed.

We will be liaising directly with the contractors on a regular basis to ensure that we have up to date information and are aware of any major works that are likely to cause residents disruption.

Camden Council noise guidelines are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. No noisy works should take place on Sundays and bank holidays, unless agreed with the Council. The contractor have assured us that they will be fully compliant with the local council’s rules and regulations.  

Ifor Evans Hall 

Construction works will be taking place at the back of block E and F at Ifor Evans Hall from mid February until December 2019. Camden Council noise guidelines are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. No noisy works should take place on Sunday and bank holidays, unless agreed with the Council.

Rockerfeller building (John Tovell House and Arthur Tattersall House)

Construction works will be taking place starting w/c 18 February, until September 2019, in the Rockerfeller building located on University Street.

The works will include the demolition of some of the internal walls, a refitting of the emergency exit staircase, and the adding of a new plant room. The works will impact residents in Arthur Tattersall House and John Tovell House.

There will be different levels of disruptions at different points in time, and we are awaiting for a full schedule of works. 

Camden Council noise guidelines are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. No noisy works should take place on Sundays and bank holidays, unless agreed with the Council.  The contractor has submitted an application to Camden Council for these works to take place outside of the standard building regulations hours (i.e. Saturday and Sunday 8am to 5pm) for six weekends, and is waiting for confirmation.

UCL Accommodation is attending regular meetings with the contractor to ensure that we have the most up to date information and will update this page as soon as we learn anything new.

West End project (Arthur Tattersall House and John Tovell House)

Camden Council is undertaking works on Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street to redirect traffic.

Between June and December 2019 works will be taking place on Gower Street close to Arthur Tattersall House and John Tovell House.

These work will affect traffic flow, and may have some impact on use of pedestrian pavements.

John Dodgson House

Essential maintenance works are due to take place in the Summer/Autumn of 2019. Works to the rear of the residence will require the building to be scaffolded, and works to the front part of the residence will be carried out by mobile platform.

Eastman Dental site (Frances Garder House and Langton Close)

Major construction work on the Eastman Dental site will take place from January 2020. Works are likely to affect Frances Gardner House and Langton Close.