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Zacchaeus 2000 Trust

Zacchaeus 2000 Trust Tribunal Project

About the project:

The Zacchaeus 2000 Trust (Z2K) are an independent charity working to create a London free from poverty, with a social security system that enables everyone in our society to live a stable, dignified life and successfully contribute to our city’s diversity and success. Z2K pursue these aims by:

  • Providing free legal representation – to ensure everyone gets the housing and support they are entitled to;
  • Arranging secure tenancies for single homeless people – so they can live in a safe, stable home;
  • Empowering individuals through support and training – so they can improve all aspects of their wellbeing;
  • Highlighting where and how the system needs to change – so our clients’ experiences inform local and national government; and
  • Challenging decisionmakers to improve their policies – so our evidence leads to direct impact for the people who need it most.

UCL are partnering with Z2K and recruiting 6 - 8 students to participate in Z2K's ongoing Tribunal's project, where students will assist with providing free legal written and oral representation on behalf of clients in a range of social security matters before the First Tier Social Security Tribunal.

Prior experience, while helpful, is not necessary to apply. We are looking for volunteers who can demonstrate; 

  • friendliness and approachability;
  • a commitment to or an awareness of social justice issues;
  • willingness and ability to be flexible, open minded, and non-judgemental regarding clients and their problems;
  • Awareness of the potential needs of, and demands placed on, vulnerable clients; 
  • reliability and commitment, good interpersonal and communication skills, including written and oral; 
  • ability and willingness to work as part of a team; 
  • strong administrative skills; and
  • An interest in improving their legal and advocacy skills.

The Role: Z2K Student Assistant

When completing work during their placement Assistants will be based at Z2K's office in Victoria.

  • Assistants will be required to sign the Z2K volunteering agreement and complete any training required by Z2K and UCL;
  • After completing initial training Z2K will assign cases to assistants;
  • Assistants are expected to take on and complete at least one case during their placement, but are welcome to remain as volunteers with Z2K and take on more cases; and
  • Once assigned a case assistants will meet with their clients at the Z2K office, take instructions, conduct legal research in order to prepare written submissions to send to the Tribunal, and eventually accompany their clients to assist with oral representation on the day of the hearing.

Training will examine working with vulnerable clients, confidentiality, data protection and client management as well as an introduction to Tribunal advocacy.

Time commitment and schedule:

We are looking for students who will be able to commit to completing at least one case during their time at Z2K.

There is no set weekly volunteering hours. However once a case has been assigned to you it is expected you will commit sufficient time in order to arrange a meeting with your client and take instructions, in addition to sufficient time to draft written submissions for the Tribunal on behalf of your client. Guidance on how much time will be required will be available from Z2K and UCL, and should any logistical or client difficulties arise staff at Z2K and UCL will be able to assist.

As above, after completing your first case students are usually welcome to continue volunteering beyond this date but many prefer to focus on revision in term 3.

To apply:

Applications will close on midnight on 28 January 2019. We may then invite applicants to come in for a short interview. 

In order to apply, please download and complete an application form (located below) setting out why you would like to volunteer and what you would bring to the role to accesstojustice@ucl.ac.uk.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Adam Riley (adam.riley@ucl.ac.uk).