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The UCL Centre for Access to Justice facilitates a broad range of pro bono opportunities and events for UCL Law students to use the law and legal knowledge as an effective tool for social change.

The CAJ provides Faculty-level oversight and management of the UCL Laws Pro Bono Programme, facilitating a broad range of projects for UCL students to get involved in. These range from student-led projects to others organised with partner organisations or otherwise wholly administered and run by the CAJ.

We encourage our students to take part in pro bono as an important element of their personal and professional development as law students. Doing pro bono work gives students the opportunity to develop practical skills, gain an awareness of social justice issues, explore new areas of law, and most importantly make a valuable contribution to the London community. 

In addition to managing the Faculty's Pro Bono Programme, it also coordinates a number of events throughout the year to introduce students to careers in social justice or public interest related fields as well as access to justice and social welfare issues more broadly. Find out more about what our students have said about our projects here.


Resources for CAJ Volunteers

Volunteer Resources

Resources for All Volunteers 

PDF icon2022-2023 CAJ Pro Bono Handbook

Resources for Student Project Leaders

CAJ Student-Led Project Monthly Report Template (docx)

CAJ Grant Application Form (doc)

FileCAJ Event Proposal Form(doc)

FileStudent-Led Project Framework (doc)

FileStudent-Led Handover Document (doc)

Setting up a New Project

The CAJ aims to support students in developing new pro bono projects. If you have an idea for a new pro bono project, please fill out the FilePro Bono Project Proposal Form (doc) and email it to accesstojustice@ucl.ac.uk.

New Project Proposals are reviewed by the CAJ Student Pro Bono Committee on a monthly basis. 

Before filling out the form please ensure you read the PDF iconCAJ Student Pro Bono Handbook. Applications will be considered in accordance with selection criteria.

Funding your Project

Subject to capacity and availability, the CAJ is able to offer small grants to fund student-led pro bono projects that fall within the CAJ pro bono programme. Applications can be made throughout the year, for up to £300. 

Examples of previous activities that have been funded by the CAJ grant include: buying promotional materials (e.g. banners, t-shirts, flyers); financial support for events (e.g. paying for a drinks reception); and travel expenses.

In order to apply for a grant, students must fill out the CAJ Grant Application Form (doc), and email the completed form to accesstojustice@ucl.ac.uk

Applications will be considered in accordance with selection criteria, which can be found in the PDF iconCAJ Student Pro Bono Handbook.