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Current Opportunities 2019-2020

Please note, this website apples to opportunities in the 19/20 academic year. For a list of up to date opportunities, visit www.ucl.ac.uk/access-to-justice/get-involved

Opportunities with the UCL Centre for Access to Justice

Most of the pro bono opportunities with the UCL Centre for Access to Justice can be divided into four broad streams: Access to Justice, Public Legal Education, Widening Participation and Policy & Research. Students can also get involved in one of our Student-Led groups. 

The Centre also advertises a number of opportunities on behalf of external organisations. If you have an opportunity you wish to advertise to UCL Laws students, please email accesstojustice@ucl.ac.uk 

On this page is a list of opportunities for the year 2019/2020. New opportunities will arise throughout the year, so check this page and your UCL e-mail regularly for updates.

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Access to Justice

UCL Integrated Legal Advice Clinic (UCL iLAC) Assistants

UCL Integrated Legal Advice Clinic (UCL iLAC) Student Supervisors

Term 3 UCL iLAC Assistants 

Volunteer Training Programme with Pro Bono Community

Citizens Advice Assistant with Kensington and Chelsea CAB

Dementia Research Centre Advice Project (DRCAP) Student Assistants

Haringey Migrant Support Centre Internship 

Volunteer Casework Adviser at the Refugee and Migrant Project 

Migrants Organise Internship

Migrants Organse Summer Internship

Public Legal Education

Grassroots Human Rights Project 

Widening Participation

IntoUniversity Buddy Days

City and Islington College Law Support Group Mentor

Policy & Research

JUSTICE Lay Magistrates Project 

APPG On Legal Aid Policy Assistants 

CAJ Student Led Projects and Groups 

CAJ Student Pro Bono Committee 

Lawyers without Borders Student Division at UCL 

Amicus (UCL Chapter)

Junior Lawyers Against Poverty (UCL Chapter) 

Other Opportunities with CAJ and UCL Laws

CAJ Summer Fellowship 

UCL Immigration Advice Assistants

UCL Public International Law Pro Bono Project