Centre for Access to Justice


The SPBC Team

Ashley Kot, Co-Executive Chair 

Ashley Kot
"Hello everyone! My name is Ashley Kot, a third-year law student and the Executive Co-Chair of the Student Pro Bono committee along with the lovely Gabby. As Chair, I hope that the SPBC will serve as the foundation for your pro-bono interests, whether it be to give back to your community, or to pursue a public interest career. I am passionate that all law students should participate in pro bono regardless of their ambition. Furthermore, I’m keen to collaborate with other universities to give our students the broadest reach possible. A fun fact about me is that I’m obsessed with tea, and have a shelf dedicated to my collection no matter where I live! Please feel free to contact me at any point in the year about anything pro bono!"


Gabby Magalhaes, Co-Executive Chair

Gabby Magalhaes
"Hi everyone!! My name is Gabby and alongside the wonderful Ashley, I’m the SPBC’s executive Co-Chair this year. I’m a final year student with a keen interest in public welfare law and ridiculous earrings. Having been part of the events team last year, I really gained an appreciation for the sheer power of a community, a platform and an interest in access to justice. This year is all about honing all that I’ve learned into empowering students to engage with the issues that really matter. Access to justice underpins the legal world and so making pro bono accessible at UCL is absolutely paramount. We’ve got lots of exciting things in store this year - and I cannot wait to get started. If you’ve got any questions do get in contact! I’m always happy to help. You can find me @gabeemags on IG, Gabby Magalhaes on facebook or email me at gabriella.magalhaes.19@ucl.ac.uk."


Anna Kam, Events Officer

Anna Kam
"Hi I am Anna, a second year student in the dual degree program with HKU. I will be working alongside Daniella as your Events Officers to organize this year's events. Doing pro bono work not only looks good in your cv, but it is also a great way to give back to the community, so you should definitely check out the wonderful opportunities we have!"




Daniella Kis, Events Officer

Daniella Kis
"Hi! I’m Daniella, going into my second year and I am one of the Events Officers of the SPBC :)) I am super excited to be on the committee this year and have a lot of exciting plans and events lined up! My main goal for the year is to introduce as many new students to access to justice as possible and to create a fun community with likeminded people. In my free time I really enjoy reading and spending time with friends/family. I can’t wait to meet everyone soon (hopefully in person)!!"



Elle Cheung, Fundraising Officer

Elle Cheung
"Hi everyone! I’m Elle, and I’m going into my final year at UCL Laws. I am the Fundraising Officer for SPBC this year, and I am hoping to raise money for meaningful causes while letting everyone have some fun! Keep an eye out for some interesting fundraising projects we're going to push out very soon! Also, fun fact, I have pet sea monkeys!"




Anaya Dhawan, Social Media and Campaigns Officer

Anaya Dhawan
"Hello everyone! My name is Anaya and I am one of SPBC’s Social Media and Campaigns Officers. I’m a third year law student who has loved volunteering in the UCL pro bono projects since I’ve arrived. I have had the pleasure of working in both AMICUS and as a Grassroots volunteer, engaging greatly with the human rights law and its application in practice. These past two years have demonstrated to me just how prevalent creating a platform for spreading awareness is, as well as providing and signposting opportunities for people to get involved and do their part. The work of the SPBC in involving the UCL student body has never been more crucial then it is now! If you have any questions about upcoming events you can find me at @anayadhawan or anaya.dhawan.19@ucl.ac.uk."


Natalie Marshall, Social Media and Campaigns Officer

Natalie Marshall
"Hi everyone! I’m Natalie, one of the Social Media & Campaigns Officers at the SPBC this year.

Going into my second year, with first year being disrupted by COVID and remote learning, I realised the importance of social media in making information accessible to all, as well as fostering a community online when we cannot be in person.

This year, I hope to engage as many students as possible in access to justice issues by making information about our projects and events easily accessible, as well as fostering a greater sense of community for those passionate about pro bono at UCL.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me @natalietm1 on Instagram, or email me at natalie.marshall.20@ucl.ac.uk!"

Nathan Ong, Publications Officer

Nathan Ong

"Hello! I’m Nathan, a third-year student, and I’m the UCL CAJ SPBC Publications Officer. I manage the SPBC Blog, and hope to publish interesting articles concerning access to justice, as well as to increase awareness and encourage participation in UCL CAJ pro bono activities. I enjoy swimming, running, and reading in my spare time. Do reach out to me if you have anything interesting to say about access to justice and/or related areas of legal practice, or if you’d like to share your experiences doing pro bono work!"


Iben Vagle, Careers Officer

Iben Vagle

"Hi, Iben here! I am a penultimate year LLB law student, and the new SPBC Careers Officer this year. In addition to running the Public Interest Mentorship Programme, we are planning a range of careers related events for you in the coming months. I am excited for a year characterised less by COVID and restrictions, and instead by community and possibilities. In this position, I hope to illustrate that pro bono work is a worthwhile initiative to undertake for everyone, for future solicitors and barristers, and for commercial and non-commercial lawyers, alike. Looking forward to engaging with all of you!"


Charlotte Choy, LLB Engagement Officer

Charlotte Choy
"Hi all! I am Charlotte Choy, a second year law student. As the LLB Engagement Officer, I serve as the point of contact between the SPBC and UCL’s Law Society. In the coming year I hope to successfully initiate new events such as intercollegiate panels and a flea market week with the events officers. One fun fact about me is that I like to take photos of food and restaurants (but don’t necessarily like to eat them)."