Centre for Access to Justice


About the SPBC

The CAJ Student Pro Bono Committee are a group of UCL Laws students who assist the CAJ in all aspects of their mission to promote access to justice and involve students in pro bono activities.


Our Vision

Making Pro Bono and community engagement an integral part of student life at UCL Laws.

Our Mission

The CAJ Student Pro Bono Committee (SPBC) is a student-led organisation that aims to raise the profile of pro bono activities at UCL Laws and foster a vibrant community of socially engaged law students. At the heart of our mission is the view that legal education should be underpinned by the understanding that law should be accessible and protect the rights of all.  To do this we aim to highlight the importance of pro bono and public interest work and engage as many students as possible in the work of the Centre for Access to Justice. 

Our Goals and Activities


  • To raise the profile of pro bono at UCL Laws
  • To educate UCL students about the importance of pro bono


  • Work with UCL Laws Centre for Access to Justice to promote a wide variety of exciting pro bono opportunities for students. Organise events to raise more awareness about the need for access to justice for many marginalised groups such as refugees and asylum-seekers, the homeless, domestic abuse victims, and more. 
  • Fundraise for a number of social justice causes.
  • Run a publication to engage all students in a broader conversation on legal aid and human rights-related issues.
  • To engage UCL students in pro bono activities and encourage innovation