Academic Staff Common Room


Social Events

The ASCR holds a series of nine regular events every membership year, as well as a number of special one-off events.

March 2020: All social events have been postponed until further notice.


Regular Events

First Term

Coffee Morning
ASCR Annual General Meeting with curry dinner
Christmas Afternoon Tea

Second Term

Coffee Morning
Wine Tasting
Afternoon Tea

Third Term

Coffee Morning
Strawberries, Cream & Pimm's Summer Event
Afternoon Tea



Past Events

Afternoon Tea, Wednesday 4th March, 4pm

Finger sandwiches and scones were served, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Annual General Meeting, Wednesday 20th November 2019, 5.45pm

The 2019 Annual General Meeting was on Wednesday 20th November 2019, 5.45pm. 72 members and 14 guests attended the meeting which was followed by wine and a curry supper. Pianist Caroline Jaya-Ratnam provided the wonderful musical entertainment.

Strawberries, Cream & Pimm's, Wednesday 10th July 2019, 5.30pm.

The annual ASCR summer event. This year we invited Helen Downes (ex-UCL Culture) to give a short talk about the paintings displayed in the Housman Room. Helen's notes are available here:
Our pianist for the evening was Jo Pearson.

Weird & Wonderful Tour: The Untold Stories of UCL, Wednesday 19th September 2018, 5.45pm.

An ASCR member from the Estates Department took members on a tour of the lesser known areas of College.
The route covered, amongst other places, rooftops, museums and the Gower Street tunnel with some interesting facts and figures along the way.
Drinks were  served in the Housman Room beforehand and there were some refreshment stops along the way.
Numbers limited to 20.

A Musical Encounter with Pluto and Charon, Thursday 1st October 2015 from 17:30 to 20:30

Steve Miller: Director, UCL/Birkbeck Centre for Planetary Sciences
Minna Orvokki Nygren and Catherine Kontz: Composers
Valentina Pravodelov and Kerry Yong: Pianists
In celebration of the New Horizons mission to Pluto, composers Minna Nygren and Catherine Kontz produced Pluto and Charon: a planetary waltz.  This ASCR Special Event included highlights of the New Horizons results from Prof. Steve Miller, and the composers explained how they used Tombaugh’s own Pluto discovery photographic plates to inspire their piece, which takes the form of a four-handed piano waltz. The piece was then be played by Valentina Pravodelov (Charon) and Kerry Yong (Pluto).

Caroline Jaya-Ratnam, pianist, 2014

Caroline Jaya-Ratnam, pianist & accompanist played in the Housman Room as part of her series of once-a-month evening performances. (Please see http://www.carolinejayaratnam.com)

Haldane Events Series 2004 - 2011
The Haldane Events series was initiated in June 2004 to give 'behind the scenes' glimpses of UCL's academic life to ASCR members and their guests; subsequently, the range was broadened to include readings and music. For further information please click here.
John Klier Events Series, 2008 - 2010
The first John Klier Event took place on 22nd May 2008, in its content linking A. E. Housman, after whom the Housman Room is named, with John Klier a long-standing and devoted ASCR member. For further information please click here.