Academic Staff Common Room


ASCR Rules

  1. Lower area
    The facilities of the Housman Room are available to members on payment of an annual subscription (currently £30). All staff employed by UCL are eligible to become members. The  is available on this website, or can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary or the Manager.
  2. Members may introduce guests into the Common Room by entering their names in the book kept for the purpose at the entrance to the room. Up to six guests may accompany a member on each occasion. Any member signing guests in remains responsible for the behaviour of those guests, for the duration of their visit and should ensure they show consideration for other members.
  3. UCL staff who have chosen not to become members cannot be admitted as guests.
  4. Postgraduate students: Before 2.30 pm, postgraduate students may not be brought into the Common Room. After 2.30 pm, registered postgraduate students of UCL may be introduced as guests, but only if they are signed in and remain accompanied by a member of the ASCR.
  5. Undergraduate students: Undergraduate students are not permitted to enter at any time, whether alone or accompanied by a member.
  6. The use of loud speakers with laptops and mobile phones is not permitted, and users of the Housman Room should show consideration to other members in terms of volume of noise..
  7. Newspapers and magazines must not be removed from the Common Room.