Academic Staff Common Room


ASCR Archives

The ASCR Archives contain minutes and other documents dating back to 1925.

A Selection of Documents from the ASCR Archives

The pre-WWII minutes relate to the original common room at UCL which was men only. The post-war minutes relate to the Men's Common Room and the Joint Staff Common Room.

Two letters from 1929

Women in the Common room.

Redecoration plans 1930

Minutes from the 16th February 1939 meeting

Names of deceased members to be inscribed on the tables in the Smoking Room.

Minutes from the 24th February 1939 General Meeting

This was the last meeting before the start of the war.

Minutes from the 2nd February 1945 General Meeting

This was the first meeting since 1939.

Minutes from the 5th March 1946 Committee Meeting

Plans for Jeremy Bentham to be housed in the Common Room.

Minutes from the 11th December 1946 Committee Meeting

Further names to be inscribed on the tables.

Extract from the Provost's speech at the Fellows' Dinner, 23rd April 1953

Click here for further information on the Tonks' mural mentioned in the Provost's speech. 

Documents relating to Annual General Meetings of the Joint Staff Common Room (JSCR)

Minutes, 1964 

Rejection of advertisments for a "colour bar" on page 2.

Treasurer's Report, 1965

Beadle's Christmas present, sherry cupboard.

Secretary's Report, 1967

Redecoration, overcrowding and harpsichord.

Referendum of members regarding amalgamation of Common Rooms, 1967

Dissolution of JSCR, 1969