Academic Manual


Archive: Recent Changes 2019-20

An archive of the 2019-20 'Recent Changes'
Academic Misconduct Changes

Student Academic Misconduct 2019-20

The Student Academic Misconduct Procedures (formerly 'Examination Irregularities') have been reviewed by a working group of Education Committee and include a number of important changes for 2019/20.

Core Programme Information 2019/20

Core Programme Information 2019-20

The Core Programme Information forms the basis of departmental student handbooks and Moodle sites. The centrally-provided text has now been published. Up-to-date web links will be published soon. 

Other Changes to Student Assessment

Programme and Module Approval and Amendment 2019-20

For 2019-20 there are enhancements to the Programme Approval process and changes to the submission deadlines for all Programme Amendments

Changes to Assessment 2019-20

Changes to Assessment 2019-20

There are a number of minor amendments and clarifications particularly around Examination Adjustments, overseas exams and reasonable adjustments for religious reasons.

Academic Partnerships 2019-20

Academic Partnerships 2019-20

Main change is the addition of the double and joint research degrees as per Research Degrees Committee’s decision to allow these types of degrees to be developed at UCL subject to an approval process.

Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures

Student Casework 2019-20

For 2019-20 there are changes to the Student Complaints Procedure and some minor amendments to the Material Irregularities Procedure.

Quality Review 2019-20

Quality Review 2019-20

The updated Chapter 9 include changes to External Examining and minor amendments to Student Academic Representation.

Taught Programme Registration Changes

Admissions 2019-20

For 2019-20 there are changes to the Student Protection Policy, Criminal Convictions Policy, and Ex-Offenders Policy.

Student Recruitment and Admissions

Changes to Registration 2019-20

Chapter 3 includes minor amendments to Authorised Absence, Withdrawing from a Programme and Module Selection.

Changes to Registration 2019-20

Qualifications and Credit 2019-20

Minor amendments include a new Master of Public Health qualification and changes to the Initial Teacher Education interim qualifications.