Academic Manual


Section 7: Module Suspension or Withdrawal

Published for 2023-24

7. Approval of New Modules 

7. Module Suspension or Withdrawal

1.Modules may be formally withdrawn by the department through the student record system prior to the cut-off date set by the relevant team in Education Services. Modules that are not being delivered in a specific academic session can be suspended until the next cycle.
2.Departments have an obligation to provide a module that has been previously advertised to students as running, either as part of module selection or as part of marketing material given to applicants or offer holders. A module must not be withdrawn without consultation with these students.
3.If the withdrawal or suspension of a module will affect currently enrolled students, these students must consent to it. If the withdrawal or suspension of the module is beyond UCL’s control, for example, due to the loss of a staff member, the programme lead must reach an agreed compromise with the students.
4.If the withdrawal or suspension of a module results in a change to the published programme diet, as recorded in the programme summary, a programme amendment form must be completed and submitted to the relevant body for approval. The module must not be withdrawn/marked as inactive without this approval. For more information see Section 4: Programme Amendment.
5.Adherence to the cut-off dates for the curriculum maintenance cycle is essential for ensuring that the correct information is provided to students in line with the UCL’s obligations under consumer protection legislation.