Academic Manual


Section 6: Programme / Route Suspension or Withdrawal

Published for 2023-24

6. Programme / Route Suspension or Withdrawal6.2 Suspending a Programme
6.1 Suspending a Programme 

6. Programme / Route Suspension or Withdrawal

1.Any suspension or withdrawal of a programme (or one of its named routes) must be undertaken in such a manner that the interests of current students, and students who have applied to the programme, are fully protected, ensuring UCL meets its obligations under consumer protection legislation, as outlined in the advice provided by the Consumer Protection Legislation Guidance (Annex 7.1.3). Advice should be sought from the relevant Faculty Tutor as early as possible to ensure that the appropriate procedures are followed.

6.1 Suspending a Programme / Route

1.Suspension of a programme of study (or one of its named routes) is a moderate programme amendment. Programme leads that want to suspend a programme/route should follow the procedure outlined in Section 4: Programme Amendment.
2.If a programme/route has been suspended for more than two academic years, it will be assumed that it is no longer active and will be withdrawn by the relevant professional services team. The programme lead will be notified prior to the processing of the withdrawal.

6.2 Withdrawing a Programme / Route

1.Programmes (or named routes on a programme) that will not be offered to students from a known date should be formally withdrawn using a Programme Withdrawal Form (PWF) (Annex 7.6.1).
2.The proposal to withdraw a programme or route must be approved by the relevant Department and Faculty before being put forward for noting at a PMAP meeting.
3.In order for a programme/route to be withdrawn or suspended from the appropriate publicity materials, the relevant central services will be advised by Education Services.
4.Where a programme is delivered in collaboration with an external partner, the appropriate Termination of Academic Partnership form should also be completed. This can be found in Chapter 8: Academic Partnerships Framework.