Academic Manual


Section 4: Affiliate Student Registration

Published for 2019-20

4.1 Definition of an Affiliate Student4.3 Assessment and Reassessment 
4.2 Affiliate Student Module Selection4.4 Certification and Transcripts

4.1 Definition of an Affiliate Student

1.An Affiliate Student is a student who is registered at another higher education institution who studies at UCL for one, two or three terms. Affiliate Students do not qualify for a UCL qualification.
2.Affiliate Students usually study on a full-time basis although they may register on a part-time basis if this mode of study is available on the UCL programme.
3.Affiliate Students must be assigned a named UCL Parent Department/ Division.
4.Affiliate students are subject to the regulations set out in the UCL Academic Manual and all other terms and conditions of enrolment whilst they are registered with UCL.
5.Registered Affiliate Students have the same rights and entitlements as all UCL taught students.
6.The entry requirements for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Affiliate Students, including English Language Proficiency Requirements, can be found in Chapter 1: Student Recruitment and Admissions Framework. Further information on Affiliate Student applications is available from UCL Access and Admissions.
7.Further information is available from the Affiliate Study at UCL web pages.

4.2 Affiliate Student Module Selection 

1. Affiliate Students who have accepted an offer of a place at UCL should agree their module choices with their UCL Parent Department/Division before proceeding with the Module Selection process (see Section 2: Module Selection).
2.Affiliate Students must also check whether their module selections require approval by their Home Institution.
3.Full-time Affiliate Students should select modules totalling the following numbers of credits;
Part-time Affiliate Students should select modules pro-rata for their intensity of study:

Undergraduate Affiliates

  • Term 1 only at UCL: Select 30 to 60 credits
  • Term 2 only at UCL: Select 30 to 60 credits
  • Term 1 and 2 at UCL: Select 60 to 120 credits
  • Term 2 and 3 at UCL: Select 60 to 120 credits
  • Terms 1, 2 and 3 at UCL: Select 60 to 120 credits

Taught Postgraduate Affiliates

  • Term 1 only at UCL: Select 15 to 60 credits
  • Terms 2 and 3 at UCL: Select 15 to 60 credits
  • Terms 1, 2 and 3 at UCL: Select 15 to 120 credits
4.In addition, the student’s Home Institution and/ or the UCL Parent Department/ Division may specify some or all of the following requirements: 
 a) That the student selects a minimum or maximum number of credits within the above parameters
 b)That the credits are undertaken within defined fields of study
 c)That a proportion of the credits are taken within the UCL Parent Department/ Division
 d)That the credits are undertaken at defined academic levels.

4.3 Assessment and Reassessment  

1.Resits, Repeats and Deferrals for Affiliate Students should be conducted as closely as possible to the UCL norms. Affiliate Students must also seek advice from their Home institutions as to whether failed modules must be reassessed and, if so, how reassessment marks will be recognised by their Home institution.

4.4 Certification and Transcripts 

1.Affiliate Students will be awarded credit by UCL for the successful completion of assessed modules.
2.Affiliate Students are entitled to receive a transcript of their achievement at UCL in both UCL credits and European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS) credits. Certification is managed by UCL Student Records.