Academic Manual


Archive of regulations and annexes for 2014-15.



Academic Manual Archive 2014-15

Regulations 2014-15

Annexes 2014-15

All annexes available on request from Academic Services: academic.services@ucl.ac.uk)

01 APL Guidance and Procedure

02 APL Application Form

03 Mathematical And Physical Sciences Faculty Variations Main Regulations

04 Engineering Science Variations Main Regulations

05 Speech Science Variations Main Regulations

06 Extenuating Circumstances Policy

07 Student Notification of Extenuating Circumstances

08 Tutor Notification of Extenuating Circumstances

09 Regulations and Guidelines for Summative E-assessment

10 UCL Assessment Strategy

11 Summarizing Breach of Assessment Procedures

12 Report of a Breach of the Examination Regulation

13 Proforma for Report of Chair of Faculty Board of Examiners Meetings

14 Social and Historical Sciences Variations Main Regulations

15 Biomedical Sciences Variations Main Regulations

16 UCL Marking Policy

17 Undergraduate Borderline Criteria

18 Award of Merit-Distinction and Masters Borderline Criteria

19 Standard Board of Examiners Agenda and Proforma Report for Faculty Representatives at Departmental Board of Examiners Meetings