Installing the interface

1. Install the 1401 card in your computer

2. Install 1401 software supplied by CED . This will create the directory, e.g. C:\1401.

3. Run C:\1401\UTILS\TRY1401.EXE to verify the installation

Note : Check with CED if the bug caused by Turbo Pascal in Windows 95 has been fixed. If not, you have to run TPLFIX.EXE for all *.EXE files suplied by CED


(a) Consam

Note : Do NOT run Consam from Windows !

4. In the directory on your computer, e.g. C:\DCPROGS check if you have ADCDMA.GXC, AD5.EXE and CONSAM.EXE.

5. Copy the file ADCDMA.GXC into the directory C:\1401 (i.e. on same drive as CONSAM.EXE).

Note : ADCDMA.GXC, AD5.EXE and CONSAM.EXE must be installed on the same directory !

6. Add to your AUTOEXEC.BAT the path : PATH C:\1401;C:\DCPROGS (or whatever drive you have installed the programs on).

7. Reboot the computer

8. Run CONSAM from your directory prompt. For maximum sampling speed direct to disk it is best to sample onto an unfragmented disk partition.


(b) CJUMP5

4. Copy the file USE1401.DLL into your WINDOWS directory (e.g. C:\WINDOWS).

5. Copy the file named CED_1401.386 into your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory (e.g. C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM).

6. Add the line :


into the [386.enh] section of the file SYSTEM.INI ( in your WINDOWS directory).

Note : If you use a base address other than 300H you need to specify this. For example to set the base address to 390H you need two lines in SYSTEM.INI, thus


Note : The jumpers on 1401 card must be changed to match this address and in CONFIG.SYS you should have:

DEVICE=C:\1401\CED1401.SYS /a:9

7. In your AUTOEXEC.BAT, and to the path command:


8. Reboot the computer

Note : Cjump5 MUST be run from Windows!

Add CJUMP5 to a Windows box (icon= CJUMP.ICO), or run from the WINDOWS MSDOS PROMPT In either case the easiest way is to run a small batch file, e.g. RCJUMP.BAT thus:



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